Why You Should Hire an MC/Party Motivator for Your D.C. Event

Any event you host is like planning a staged show. You have the opening act, the drama in between, and then the memorable closer. This goes for virtually anything, including:

    * Weddings 
    * Celebrations 
    * Corporate Events 
    * And so much more

As an event organizer, you’re constantly thinking about:

    * How you can ensure your audience will have a good time
    * How you can make sure your event goes flawlessly
    * How you’ll work within the confines of a budget, event space and more

When you consider all of that, it’s a wonder how people can pull off a successful event. But the truth is, the majority of people who organize a successful, memorable event don’t try to take on the responsibilities themselves. They hire a professional emcee (MC) or party motivator.

What’s so special about MCs and Party Motivators?

If you’re planning an event (especially a wedding), you might automatically assume you’ll need a professional DJ. We agree. Professional DJs bring your music and energy to new levels.

However, MCs and Party Motivators help to bring your event to an entirely new level. Here’s how:

Time Management

In nearly any event (but particularly corporate conventions and business meetings), time is of the essence. A professional emcee in Washington, D.C. will ensure that your speakers limit their presentations to the time allotted. They’ll also take on the duty of introducing your speakers with smooth transitions to ensure continuity throughout the day.

Think About Your Audience

Emcees will maintain the attention of any audience by instilling such elements as periodic breaks, comic relief and more. Talented MCs will look to poke fun at the content of your business convention, thus making those long hours a bit more tolerable. And, of course, the MC will know how to open and close the event to make sure your audience goes away feeling like they’ve learned something.

Don’t Forget About the Entertainment

Above all else, MCs are entertainers, which is why they’re ideal for not only corporate conventions, but for weddings, birthday parties and more. MCs have the ability to add their own personal flavor to improve your event. Here at Planet DJ Productions, our MCs have the expertise and ability to adapt their tone to your specific audience.

Nothing brightens up a room like a few well-timed jokes, or heck, even magic tricks. An MC can deliver the goods each and every time.

Damage Control

No matter how much planning you’ve put into your event, something unexpected is nearly certain to happen. What if one of your speakers is late, absent, or otherwise incapable of performing? Your MC can – and will – always fill any unexpected gaps with his or her own material, so that the audience will never need to know there was a problem.

The best MCs and Party Motivators in Washington D.C.

As Washington D.C.’s most respected entertainment agency, Planet DJ Productions has a long history of helping to organize some of the most memorable events in our region, from weddings to parties and corporate conventions.

We’ve seen, firsthand, what MCs and Party Motivators can do for an event. Our MCs bring a new level of engagement and entertainment to every stage they walk on. Are you planning an upcoming wedding, celebration or business event? Learn how our MCs and Party Motivators can help. Contact us today to learn more.