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Using an LED Wall for Your Wedding or Important Celebration

In our role as chief entertainers for weddings, corporate events, and other momentous occasions throughout the Metro DC area, the Planet DJ Productions team comes across all types of new and exciting pieces of technology.

One of the most exciting pieces of AV-tech we’ve seen is the use of LED walls for weddings and other celebratory events.

But what is an LED wall?

An LED wall is a series of interlinked LED screens that combine to create sprawling images capable of wowing your guests, selling the atmosphere you’re trying to cultivate, and adding to the aura of majesty for your party.

And guess what?

Thanks to Planet DJ Productions, LED wall rentals in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia has never been easier. Since we’ve helped make it easy to add an LED wall to your event, we think it’s time you got to know more about these walls.

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Reasons why you should have an LED video wall at your wedding or event

For starters, our LED walls are designed to present crisp, high-quality images, regardless of whether they’re used indoors or outdoors. Even direct sunlight won’t impact the visuals displayed on these screens. The advanced coloring capabilities of these screens allow you to display, for example, stunning vistas, beautiful dresses, or just about anything else you want to show off to your guests.

Our LED walls are also user-friendly, and come with numerous input options, making them compatible with DVI, HDMI, VGA, as well as HD-SDI.

LED walls keep your guests informed

Large weddings, outdoor events, and more often have guests who are spread out across the grounds. This can make coordination a bit of a challenge. Since LED video walls are so large and noticeable, they serve as an excellent way to keep everyone informed.

You may want to display a timetable, a countdown, or highlight special announcements in a way that make it easy for your guests to stay in the know.

LED walls – the personal touch

Folks who’ve rented LED walls from us in the past marvel at how much control they have over their screens. Your video display can be customized with anything you want:

     – A slideshow of photos showing off the timeline of your relationship (for weddings and anniversaries)
     – The logos or headshots of corporate sponsors or partners (for corporate events)
     – Home movies/videos (for birthday/milestone celebrations)

Some of our past clients have used their walls to showcase a self-made blooper reel from their first vacation together, or highlighted excerpts of love letters written to one another. The possibilities are endless, and the team here at Planet DJ Productions will help you bring your vision to reality.

Finding LED Video Wall rentals in DC, Virginia and Maryland has never been easier

Our event technicians will work with you every step of the way to fully customize your LED video wall. Our team will also be on staff – throughout your event – to help manage the wall and offer support if and when needed.

Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help your event come to life with an LED video wall.

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Mastering Lighting for Your Event – 4 Tips from the Pros

If you’ve never been on a movie set before, we have bad news for you: it’s not as glamorous as it seems. What moviegoers see on screen is the benefit of hours and hours of lighting setup by a massive crew all focused on trying to create a mood.

Just ask any actor who’s had to sit in their trailer for hours on end. While it might take just an hour to shoot a scene, lighting it is an all-day affair.

The same can be said for your event. No matter how long your event is scheduled for, lighting that event to properly create a mood is a full-time job of its own. In fact, the Huffington Post called lighting a “wedding splurge that’s worth the cost.”

Simply put, lighting can make or break your event experience:

   – If your lighting is too bright, your event will come across as stark and cold

   – If your lights are too dark, the event will lack energy (and your guests might miss something!)

Event lighting offers more than just a way to help folks see. Great lighting will help you accentuate and emphasize other elements of your event, including floral arrangements and décor.

You can even use lighting to direct your guests’ attention to specific happenings within your event.

But which types of lighting should you use for your event? Here are four of the most popular and effective setups we’re seeing in recent months.

Transform your venue with up-lighting

One of the easiest and quickest ways to set the mood of your event is with up-lighting. This is particularly true for fairly basic rooms, such as an empty ballroom or conference enter. These rooms are purposely designed to be bland, meaning you and your event planner are responsible for creating the character.

A wedding, for example, could benefit from the use of lace fabric, that’s highlighted with a touch of up-lighting.

Add depth with Gobos

A gobo is a beam of light with a metal stencil over it that creates a specific pattern. Gobos can project virtually any design you want, from abstract shapes to pictures, company logos or signatures and initials.

The versatility and intrigue of the gobo is what makes it such a powerful lighting tool for virtually any event. These patterns – which can be projected onto ceilings, floors, and walls – are a great way to add visual content. If you’re organizing a company event, gobos are a striking way to promote your brand.

Embrace the precision of pin-spot lighting

Most events have a lot of things going on in one space. A wedding, for example, has the table centerpieces, the gift table, guest book, wedding cake, and more.

Casting huge streams of light onto these areas would destroy any type of mood you’ve worked so hard to create. That’s why lighting experts rely on pin-spot lighting.

As its name suggests, pin-spot lighting lets you cast a narrowed focus on certain areas within your room without ruining the ambiance of the rest of the space.

Add texture to your event

One of the most popular lighting trends we’re seeing recently is texture lighting. This is particularly true for events that feature a dance floor.

Choose from hundreds of patterns that can be projected onto dance floors and tables. You can even add a touch of color to the patterns to complement your existing theme.

Your entire event hinges on the success of your lighting – don’t go it alone!

No matter what type of event you’re organizing, your job is to create a room filled with character in a space that, more than likely, is bland and empty.

Décor and linens will help fill that space. However, if you want to create a specific ambiance – be it elegant, modern, classic, etc. – it all comes down to lighting.

Not sure what type of lighting (or mood) you need for your event? Let our specialists help. We’ve helped plan and light some of the biggest events throughout the Metro DC region. From weddings to corporate events, celebrations and more, we’ve been tasked with lighting events up and down the East Coast.

We’d love to show you our work and how we can help you create the event you and your guests deserve.

Contact us today to set up your consultation.

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How to Make Your Special Events Glow – Literally and Figuratively

As a leader in event planning and entertainment throughout Washington D.C., Virginia, and the mid-Atlantic area, we’ve seen what it takes to make a great event even greater. It takes a special touch and eye toward detail. It takes knowing how to wow a crowd without overwhelming them.

It takes simplistic innovations.

At the crux of any successful event is the perfect lighting. If your event is overly lit, it won’t feel welcoming or magical. If it’s not lit enough, you risk alienating your guests. And while much time, money, and effort can (and likely should) go into such lighting aspects as bar washes, spotlighting, texture lighting and more, there is a different type of “lighting” that might make your wedding, celebration, or milestone event a truly unique experience.

It’s all about the glow.

Bringing the glow to your wedding or other celebration

While most people are at least somewhat familiar with glow sticks, the glow industry has expanded to include nearly every type of glow product, all or any of which might work for your upcoming event.

Glow mouth pieces are extremely popular with younger kids, but can make for some unforgettable photographs, even at the most formal of weddings.

Glow balls help bring interactive entertainment to your party. Turn out the lights and let your guests toss the glow ball around, from one end of the dance floor to another.

Glow wearables for your guests

Glow necklaces, bracelets, wristbands, glasses (yes, glow glasses) and even glow bunny ears all make for a great way to inject light-hearted humor to your event. Children, adults, and even grandparents can’t help but smile when they see themselves shine in various colors.

Getting even more intense with your glow products

Depending on the type of event you’re hosting, you might want to step up your glow game a couple of notches.

What, exactly, do we mean? Well, by now you might have discovered that there is no limit to the type of glow product that can be made or imagined. Sure, it all begins with the glow stick, and we strongly encourage you to add those sticks to your glow-light arsenal.

However, if you’re looking to be even more unique than others, then we recommend you take a look at something as fun, interactive and, well, ingenious, as glow golfing.

Imagine that: setting up a tiny putting green at your corporate or wedding party, lit by a line of glow sticks. You’d use glow tees and glow ball to light your way, and a few sticks around your target hole to help you with your shot.

Glow golf is just one example of the things you can do with glow products. And you don’t have to wait for someone else to come up with a specific product (like glow golf balls) to get creative with your glow lights.

You can use your glow lights in so many ways:
    * As centerpieces
    * As a replacement for tossing rice (just be careful!)
    * Inside mason jars, alongside (or in place) of candles
    * Strung across the rafters
    * Use small bracelets as a way to roll-up your guests’ silverware

Tap into the potential of glow lights with Planet DJ Productions

We are proponents of getting creative and thinking outside the box when it comes to planning your big wedding or celebration. But we also know how important it is to be careful with your planning. We’ve seen it time and time again: folks like an idea and go over the top.

We strongly suggest you tastefully introduce glow lights into your event. If you add too many glow lights, you’ll risk disturbing the overall ambiance of the setting.

How do know how many glow lights is the right amount? That’s where Planet DJ Productions comes into play. Our wedding and party planners will help you design the best party for you and your guests, including helping you decide how many glow lights could and should work for your needs.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can add a little glow to your important event.

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Wedding Day Photo Booths: How to Choose the Right One

If there were ever a day where there was no such thing as having too many photos, your wedding day has got to be it. And while hiring a photographer to capture every moment is a good thing, no photographer can capture it all. That’s why more and more couples looking to get married in the DC Metro area are excited to discover wedding day photo booths.

Why choose a photo booth for your wedding day?

Nearly every wedding album features the standard photographs:
    * The exchanging of vows
    * The first introduction of man and wife
    * Cake cutting
    * First dance
    * Bouquet toss

You get the idea. And yes, you want to have these moments captured on film. However, your wedding day involves so much more than these planned out events. Oftentimes, it’s the unscripted moments that mean the most.

That’s what renting a photo booth will do for your wedding day: offer a feeling of spontaneity and levity that can be captured in pictures that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

There’s something nostalgic and youthful about these booths. The moment your guests step inside, they’re taken back to a younger time in their lives, where they could act goofy and silly without fear of judgment. The pictures produced when your guests are at their most relaxed will keep you laughing for years to come.

What to look for in your wedding day photo booth rental in D.C.

While photo booths take a page out of yesteryear, that doesn’t mean you have to struggle with old-school technology and poor-quality photographs.

These days, your wedding day photo booth can produce remarkable digital images that you can share in an instant across social media and beyond. You just need to know what to look for when renting these booths.

At Planet DJ Productions, we recommend:
    * An Open Air Photo Booth – These types of booths offer the least amount of restrictions. While beachside booths are tiny, designed for 2 or 3 people, an open-air photo booth can fit up to 20 people without issue.
    * Camera Quality – The pictures taken by smartphones these days are remarkable. So why should you deal with webcam like pictures with your booth? You don’t have to. At Planet DJ Productions, we offer a 14-megapixel DSLR camera.
    * Post-Wedding Control – As important as it is for your booth to be functional during your wedding, you also want to have control over your images after the fact. We suggest making sure you can have access to (at least) a DVD of your high-res photos. But as Metro D.C.’s leader in wedding-day entertainment, we go one step further. We also offer free online hosting, with password protection, so that you can share your pictures with your guests, and print them whenever … and wherever … you want.

While these are just the bare minimum that we feel you should look for in a photo booth, there are some added features that may be worth your while.

    Memory Book

Our photo booth service includes a Memory Book, with contains every picture taken on your wedding night, as well as every message your guests left.


Chances are a number of your guests won’t need encouragement to get a little silly inside the booth. But it doesn’t hurt to have a few props to evoke the inner child in everyone. Hats, glasses, wigs, and funny-face masks will help make these photographs stand apart from those taken outside the booth.


Here’s where Planet DJ Productions simply stands apart from other wedding day entertainers in DC. We assign two qualified and trained attendants to your photo booths. Here’s why:

    * Attendant #1 will take your picture for you. That means you won’t have to worry about hitting a timer button and rushing into a pose.
    * Attendant #2 will remind your guests to write something in the memory book.

Photo booths bring the fun to your wedding day

No matter how formal or informal your wedding day may be, your guests will love the opportunity to let loose inside a photo booth. As D.C.’s leader in photo booth rentals for weddings, celebrations and more, Planet DJ Productions can help you choose the right booth for your important day. Contact us today to learn more.

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4 Special Effects to Add Life to Your Wedding or Event in D.C.

That’s why we’re so fortunate to live in today’s day and age, especially in such a progressive region as the Metro DC area. Nowadays, folks looking to plan a wedding, birthday celebration, corporate gathering or any other event can guarantee their big day will make a lasting impression, thanks to the introduction of special effects to event planning.

Types of Special Effects to Use in Your D.C.-Area Wedding or Event

As one of the DC.’s leading event and entertainment organizers, we’ve made it our mission to remain on the cutting edge of special effects. You wouldn’t imagine what’s out there these days! Admittedly, some effects seem out of a place at, say, a wedding or a more formal affair. 

However, after scouring the earth’s four corners, we’ve come up with what we think are the four coolest special effects you should consider for your next event. Even if you’re not sure if the effect will work with your event, we encourage you to give us a shout, and we’ll give you our expert opinion on what we think works best for you. 

Low Lying Fog Special Effects for Your DC-Area Event

Low lying fog is quite a popular effect for weddings and dances. The way it works is that dry ice fog covers the dance floor, never rising above 6 inches from the ground. It provides the illusion that you’re dancing on the clouds. 

We’ve seen this used regularly for first dances or for formal introductions (such as, “Introducing for the first time, Mr. and Mrs.”

We’ve also seen the fog effect used for anniversary celebrations

Using the Bubble Machine for Your Wedding

We’ve discovered that many people aren’t too sure about using a bubble machine at their wedding or other formal event … until they see it in action. Like the fog effect, we’ve seen the bubble machine used frequently for a first dance at weddings. Couple that with the right first-dance song choice, and you’ll have set the tone for the rest of your celebration.

Or, you can choose to “tell a story” with your bubble machine. Rather than use it during the first dance, use the bubble machine as an exit at the end of the night. Unlike the fog machine, which introduces a subtle, comforting feel, bubbles are akin to happiness and celebration, which is the exact tone you want to establish as you leave your friends and family. 

Add a Spark with Pyrotechnics 

Bubble machines work wonders at a wedding, but what if you want something with a more definitive statement? Believe it or not, our wedding clients throughout Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia are venturing into the world of sparklers and pyrotechnics. What a way to make an exit!

Unlike bubbles, however, there is a risk factor involved with sparklers and pyrotechnics at your wedding, corporate event or other celebration. Operating the machinery, itself, is dangerous, but then factor in all of the potentially flammable things in your event space: table clothes, drapes, clothing, etc. 

That’s why it’s vital that if you choose to add pyrotechnics to your event, that you work with an experienced entertainment planner who can demonstrate his or her work with fire in enclosed spaces. 

Light Them Up With Lasers

Perhaps the one special effect that we see used more often in a variety of events across the mid-Atlantic is the laser. Weddings, corporate gatherings, birthday parties – you name it, and lasers can somehow make a positive impact. 

For example, you can use lasers to create moving objects, or you can even write names on the walls or in the air. If this is a company event, your DC-area entertainment planner can help you push your branding by incorporating your logo or slogan with laser. 

We Have the Effects to Make Your Event Special

The four special effects mentioned here are among the most popular effects we use for our clients throughout Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland. But they’re not all that’s out there. We encourage you to contact us for a consultation, so that we can show you what type of out-of-this-world effects you can add to your event, to make it a day that will never be forgotten. Contact Planet DJ Productions today to learn more!