Mastering Lighting for Your Event – 4 Tips from the Pros

If you’ve never been on a movie set before, we have bad news for you: it’s not as glamorous as it seems. What moviegoers see on screen is the benefit of hours and hours of lighting setup by a massive crew all focused on trying to create a mood.

Just ask any actor who’s had to sit in their trailer for hours on end. While it might take just an hour to shoot a scene, lighting it is an all-day affair.

The same can be said for your event. No matter how long your event is scheduled for, lighting that event to properly create a mood is a full-time job of its own. In fact, the Huffington Post called lighting a “wedding splurge that’s worth the cost.”

Simply put, lighting can make or break your event experience:

   – If your lighting is too bright, your event will come across as stark and cold

   – If your lights are too dark, the event will lack energy (and your guests might miss something!)

Event lighting offers more than just a way to help folks see. Great lighting will help you accentuate and emphasize other elements of your event, including floral arrangements and décor.

You can even use lighting to direct your guests’ attention to specific happenings within your event.

But which types of lighting should you use for your event? Here are four of the most popular and effective setups we’re seeing in recent months.

Transform your venue with up-lighting

One of the easiest and quickest ways to set the mood of your event is with up-lighting. This is particularly true for fairly basic rooms, such as an empty ballroom or conference enter. These rooms are purposely designed to be bland, meaning you and your event planner are responsible for creating the character.

A wedding, for example, could benefit from the use of lace fabric, that’s highlighted with a touch of up-lighting.

Add depth with Gobos

A gobo is a beam of light with a metal stencil over it that creates a specific pattern. Gobos can project virtually any design you want, from abstract shapes to pictures, company logos or signatures and initials.

The versatility and intrigue of the gobo is what makes it such a powerful lighting tool for virtually any event. These patterns – which can be projected onto ceilings, floors, and walls – are a great way to add visual content. If you’re organizing a company event, gobos are a striking way to promote your brand.

Embrace the precision of pin-spot lighting

Most events have a lot of things going on in one space. A wedding, for example, has the table centerpieces, the gift table, guest book, wedding cake, and more.

Casting huge streams of light onto these areas would destroy any type of mood you’ve worked so hard to create. That’s why lighting experts rely on pin-spot lighting.

As its name suggests, pin-spot lighting lets you cast a narrowed focus on certain areas within your room without ruining the ambiance of the rest of the space.

Add texture to your event

One of the most popular lighting trends we’re seeing recently is texture lighting. This is particularly true for events that feature a dance floor.

Choose from hundreds of patterns that can be projected onto dance floors and tables. You can even add a touch of color to the patterns to complement your existing theme.

Your entire event hinges on the success of your lighting – don’t go it alone!

No matter what type of event you’re organizing, your job is to create a room filled with character in a space that, more than likely, is bland and empty.

Décor and linens will help fill that space. However, if you want to create a specific ambiance – be it elegant, modern, classic, etc. – it all comes down to lighting.

Not sure what type of lighting (or mood) you need for your event? Let our specialists help. We’ve helped plan and light some of the biggest events throughout the Metro DC region. From weddings to corporate events, celebrations and more, we’ve been tasked with lighting events up and down the East Coast.

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