Different Types of Dance Floors to Rent for Your Wedding or Special Event

There are so many factors that help create a stunning wedding or celebration. But perhaps one of the most overlooked elements is the dance floor.

Dance floors allow you to add a touch of flair, functionality, and fun to your big day. And while many folks assume renting a dance floor is only for outdoor weddings, you’d be surprised to learn that many of our clients throughout DC, Virginia and Maryland rent floors from us even if their reception is inside.

What types of dance floors can you rent for your wedding or event?

Being able to control and influence every nook and cranny of your wedding is important, which is why so many of our clients love being able to rent their own dance floors.

Here at Planet DJ Productions, we have a wide variety of dance floors for our clients to choose from, including more traditional styles (white and black dance floors) to more immersive floors, such as Starlit and LED dance floors.

Fusion, Starlit and LED dance floors

These type of floors will truly bring your party to life. Our technicians can customize the color scheme of the floor pattern to complement your theme. We can even customize the shapes and sizes of the patterns to help you create an experience unlike any other wedding your guests have ever seen.

Choosing the right size flooring to rent

How do you know how much flooring you’ll need for your wedding or event? Luckily, you don’t have to worry too much about it – our team will provide you a proper estimate. But to give you an idea, in our experience we’ve found that generally no more than half of the people at an event dance at any one time. Each couple requires nine square feet of space. Thus, if you have a party for 200 people, then 100 people (or 50 couples) will typically be the most number of people on the floor at any given time. You should estimate about 3’x3’ panel per couple.

But again, don’t worry about all that. The Planet DJ Production team knows how stressful wedding planning can be, which is why we’ll make it quick and easy for you to:

* Determine if you need to rent a dance floor
* Decide how much flooring you need
* Settle on the perfect style of flooring to suit your needs and budget

Remember, even if your reception is indoors, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the type of impact a rented floor can have on your guests. Looking to make your wedding or event memorable for a lifetime? Contact us today to see what we can do to help.