MCs and Party Motivation

Wedding MC’s & Party / Event Entertainers in VA & Washington DC

Party Entertainer Virginia
Just because you stick a bunch of people in one room, and blast some music, doesn’t mean a party’s going to happen. Sometimes people need a little motivation to get their parties going. That’s where MCs and Party Motivators come in – to help your guests have a good time.

Party Motivators go out in the crowd and engage your guests. They complement the music and DJs by adding another layer of entertainment to your event.

DJs have their hands full behind the tables. They keep the soundtrack of your event flowing. They make music choices and mixes on the fly, and they have to oversee the overall mood and direction of the room. This often keeps them from being able to go out into the crowd to entertain your guests. That’s why Planet DJ Productions have a host of MCs and Party Motivators who are trained to come to your party for the sole purpose of entertaining, and helping your guests feel entertained.

One of the ways to ensure your event goes off without a hitch is to dedicate a master of ceremonies to oversee the proceedings. DJs often double-dip at this role, but sometimes you want a dedicated MC. We offer you the choice of working with a DJ, a DJ and MC, or even a DJ, MC and Party Motivators.

No matter which combination you choose, you can be sure that our team members work directly with one another so that everything flows smoothly without your having to worry about a thing.