Fusion Weddings

Indian Fusion Wedding Services near VA & Washington DC

Weddings are a time to celebrate the coming together of two lives, two families, and, oftentimes, two cultures.

Fusion weddings are unlike any other weddings. With fusion weddings, it’s important to honor, and recognize, the traditions and cultures of two families, while not losing sight of the focus of the day: the couple.

It takes a special kind of entertainer to work a fusion wedding. Traditional DJs (either American or Indian) might not have what it takes to make your wedding a success.

But Planet DJ Productions does.

Ever since 1996, we’ve been entertaining both Indian and American weddings, as well as many fusion weddings. This experience has given us an education on how to meld these two cultures into one event.

But it’s not just about us is it? It’s about you. That’s why our DJs and entertainers consult with you long before the wedding, and continue to consult with you up until your wedding day. Each wedding is unique. Each family is different. Our goal is to help you capture the traditions and cultures of your two families, in a manner that’s comfortable for all of your guests.

With your input, and our expertise, we’re sure that your fusion wedding will be everything you hope it will be.

Fusion wedding services:

  • Professional DJs and Sound – We have a rich library of music from all cultures, which is why we truly can say we offer a world of music. We work with you to determine an appropriate set list and style of music to work from
  • MCs and Party Motivators – Our MCs and Party Motivators help your guests feel comfortable and happy. This is particularly important in a fusion wedding, where certain family members may feel out of their element
  • Lighting – Allow our lighting specialists to provide your event with elegant and professional style lighting, including our GOBO monograms, pin-spots, bar washes and textured lighting for your walls and ceilings
  • Musicians – If you’re looking for live music, our musicians are perfect for you. You can choose from dhol players, tabla players, sitar players, bansuri players, and shenai players. They are capable of playing both Indian and American-style music
  • Dancers – Your wedding will likely be quite diverse. Our dancers are a perfect complement. We feature Bollywood dancers, Bhangra dancers, belly dancers, and even break dancers. We also feature motivational dancers who, like the MCs and Party Motivators, help your guests fully enjoy the party
  • Singers – Our singers have the ability and expertise to sing most styles of music you’ll want at your wedding. You can choose between soloists, duets, and an 8-piece full band
  • Dance Floors & Decor – Your event shouldn’t only “sound” great, it should look great too. We offer furniture and decor services, such as our unique Fusion Dance Floor and pipe/draping

Weddings are a time to celebrate a union of two worlds. We couldn’t think of a better way to help make this happen, than to honor and recognize your two cultures through music and entertainment. Our DJs, musicians and entertainers have years of experience working with American weddings, Indian weddings, and other fusion weddings. We bring excitement, energy, and expertise to every event we entertain. Let us show you what we mean.