Why Choose Us

Live Wedding & Event Entertainment in Virginia & Maryland

There’s no question that you have many DJs and entertainers to choose from for your special occasion. So why should you choose Planet DJ Productions? What can we offer you that others can’t?

  • We are award-winning entertainers – We have some of the most sought out entertainers in the DC Metro area. Our entertainers have won awards and have been featured in multiple publications for the wedding memories they have created
  • Accessibility – We work around your schedule, not the other way around. It’s important for you to meet with us to discuss your needs and vision, and so we can let you know what we’ll do for you. We can meet with you for these personal consultations on weekdays, weeknights, or weekends
  • Constant contact – Speaking of accessibility, we’ll always be available for you to answer any questions you have leading up to the event. Things change, constantly. The number of guests, the venue location, the time, the expectations, and so on. We’re always available for you in case you have questions or concerns
  • DJs who care to listen – Believe it or not, there are DJs out there who believe they know what’s best for your event. They know what music should be played for your special occasion. You won’t get that with Planet DJ Productions. This is your event. We listen to your needs and vision, and offer you a world of music to make sure you get what you want.
  • A team effort – Chances are your event will feature more than just music. You might have caterers, photographers, videographers, presenters, and more. We work directly with your other vendors to ensure your event is smoothly run
  • We value your input – We create an online account for you so that you can easily add event details, special requests, pick your music and create timelines
  • Professionalism – All of our DJs come to your event dressed appropriately, with the right attitude and expertise, ready to play music that will not offend or embarrass anyone in attendance
  • Guarantees – We guarantee to never increase the price that we quoted you with. We take a personalized approach to our pricing. We meet with you about your needs, then, within 48 hours of our meeting – or sooner, you’ll have a detailed proposal based on your unique requirements, not some pre-packaged deal
  • Beyond music – How many other DJ services out there can offer you a full-lighting service like we can? Our full lighting service works in conjunction with our DJs to ensure that your event looks and sounds the way it should
  • Backups – Although we’ve never had equipment fail on us since we began in 1996, we’d rather be safe, not sorry. That’s why we carry backup equipment, including for speakers, amps, mixers, cables and more. We also have backup DJs on call in case your specific DJ is in a car accident or falls sick. Furthermore, as members of the American Disc Jockey Association, we also have access to reputable on-call wedding DJs who can come to an event in a moment’s notice
  • Insurance – We carry our own company insurance policy, however, in addition, our DJs carry full liability insurance in the amount of $2,000,000, which protects you (as well as our DJs and company) in the event of an injury

See us in action:

We’re proud of the work we do, and are eager to show you how we can help your event. You can visit our video gallery to see our DJs live in action, or, pending approval from our existing clients, you may come to another private event. We know you have many choices in DJs for your special event. Choosing the right one takes more than reading a few words on a computer screen. That’s why we encourage you to meet with us to discuss how we can specifically help your event become a memorable moment.