Indian Weddings

Indian Wedding DJ Services in VA & Washington DC

Indian weddings are rich in tradition, custom, and symbolism. Today’s modern Indian wedding has evolved from traditional times, but many elements still remain the same. In today’s Indian wedding, the ceremony can contain all or part of traditional rituals, depending on the wishes of the bride, groom, and their families.

We at Planet DJ Productions take pride in our ability to cater to your Indian wedding. From the most traditional style, to more modern-day approaches, we have the experience and enthusiasm to ensure your wedding day is exactly what you and your family dreamed of.

Since 1996 we’ve dedicated ourselves toward helping people celebrate and honor the beauty that is found in an Indian wedding. The rituals, colors, family involvement … all of it plays a large role in the overall ceremony. We respect and nurture that through our entertainment services.

What can we offer your Indian wedding?

  • Professional DJs and Sound – Our DJs can spin modern and traditional music in a way that keeps every one of your guests happy and entertained
  • MCs and Party Motivators – We help your guests embrace the beauty and celebration of your wedding through energetic MCs and Party Motivators
  • Lighting – Our lighting specialists provide elegant and professional style lighting, including our GOBO monograms, pin-spots, bar washes and textured lighting for your walls and ceilings
  • Musicians – Our musicians feature dhol players, tabla players, sitar players, bansuri players, and shenai players. Aside from traditional Indian music, we can also offer American-style music
  • Dancers – Our dancers include Bollywood dancers, Bhangra dancers, belly dancers, and even break dancers. We also feature motivational dancers who, like the MCs and Party Motivators, help your guests fully enjoy the party
  • Singers – Live singers can add that extra ingredient that will transform your wedding into a memorable event. We feature duets, soloists, and an 8-piece band, all capable of singing traditional Indian music as well as American tunes
  • Dance Floors & Décor – You know as well as we do that the appearance of your wedding is of the utmost importance. Allow us to help create a space that captures everything you want.

Planet DJ Productions was founded on the mission to help couples and families truly celebrate and embrace the majesty of an Indian wedding. Our DJs and professional staff bring as much entertainment to your wedding, as they bring professionalism and respect. Learn more about how we can help your wedding become a celebration for you and your guests.