Audio Visual Services

Audio Visual / AV Equipment Rental Services in VA & Washington DC

Add a whole new layer of entertainment to your event.

Lights and music may make an event a success, but in today’s world, adding an audio visual element can be the difference between a forgettable event, and one that will always be remembered.

At Planet DJ Productions, we provide state-of-the-art audio visual equipment and support to make sure your wedding, corporate event, or celebration is as good as you expect. In a world where sights and sounds win over audiences, we help you wow your guests and attendees by implementing the most advanced multimedia and audio visual equipment seamlessly into your special day.

With our DC Metro Audio Visual Events services, we help you integrate presentations, videos, home movies, slideshows and more to captivate and entertain your guests.

Audio Visual Equipment and Support for Events Throughout the Metro DC Area

Our inventory of AV equipment is as varied and extensive as the potential needs you have for your event. We provide clients:

  • Projection screens (front and rear)
  • LCD monitors
  • Plasma TV displays
  • DVD player (or Blu-Ray)
  • Computer cables
  • Projector tables and skirts
  • And much more

We have a dedicated staff of AV specialists who thrive on overcoming all challenges and adapting the latest in AV equipment to your specific needs. Through open communication, flexibility, and decades of experience in the industry, we’ve proven the ability to provide customized solutions for all of our clients.

What Planet DJ Productions Offers Your Event

We have access to virtually any type of AV equipment to suit your needs, but some of the most popular components our clients have requested include:

  • 60 inch LCD
  • 5-foot screen
  • 8’x11′ screen and 9’x12′ screen
  • Front and rear projection screens
  • Spandex screens (a one size fits all solution for your event)
  • Short throw screens (ideal for creating big pictures in tight spaces)

Events and occasions we offer audio visual equipment and support for

Because of our extensive background and inventory, Planet DJ Productions is capable and prepared to provide AV support and equipment for virtually all events and occasions, including:

  • Corporate Events
  • 5-foot screen
  • Trade Shows
  • Conventions
  • Seminars/Presentations
  • Private Events (including weddings and milestone celebrations)

Let us help you breathe new life into your event

While audio visual elements can help make the most of your event, not everyone knows how best to use this equipment for their special occasion. Not only do we provide equipment for your event, but we also provide support and guidance.

Our AV team will meet with you, prior to your event, to determine what (if any) equipment will be most effective for you. Our team will factor in your budget, room dimensions, purpose of the event and more. And, as a complete event planning provider in the Metro DC area our AV team will be able to work closely with the rest of our team to ensure your audio visual components work seamlessly with the look and feel of your event.

Contact Planet DJ Productions today to see how we can add a whole new layer of entertainment to your event.