DJ and Sound


Event & Wedding DJ’s in Virginia

We may be a little biased here, but out of all the many parts that make up an event, the music is what people tend to remember the most. Without the right kind of music, played at the right time, in the right way, your perfect event could be a bust.

That’s a lot of pressure for anyone to experience, especially if they’re not professionals. Lucky for you, the DJs at Planet DJ Productions are professionals, and have been in this business for years.

So, how do we make sure people love the music played at your event?

It starts with a personal consultation with you. How can we play the right kind of music if we don’t know our guests? You, as the host, are our greatest resource. Through you we’ll get a feel for the type of atmosphere you want for your party, the demographics of your guests, and the kind of music you’d like to hear.

Using all of this information, we compile a playlist of music that will match your vision. We’ll openly discuss this playlist with you, and make changes as needed. It’s your special event. We’re just here to make it rock.

What does it mean to play the right kind of music at the right time, in the right way?

DJs do more than just hit “PLAY” at the start of an event, then “STOP” when the event ends. DJs are constantly taking the pulse of the room, and altering the order of songs based on the mood of the guests. A DJ will mix one song with another through beat matching and fades, and tease one song with another. A DJ will use his personality to keep the room buzzing. It’s not just about pushing buttons. It’s about entertainment. All of our DJs are capable of taking care of all of your event details, including taking on the role of party motivators.

What’s music without the sound?

If a DJ was playing music in the middle of the woods, but no one was there to hear it, would it even matter what songs he was playing?

No. That’s where sound systems come into play.

Your event is completely different from any other event. You have different guests, a different venue, and different expectations. That’s why we don’t just carry one type of sound system. We have a variety of sound systems that accommodate just about any type of event, from large halls to closet-sized rooms. We think it’s important that you and your guests hear and feel the music, without making it impossible for you to hold conversations. That’s why we work with you to design a sound-system setup that will get your guests grooving.