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5 Tips On How to Choose the Right Wedding Entertainment for Your Big Day

There are so many factors that go into planning your dream wedding. From the venue to your choice of food and decorations, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the details.

But one detail you certainly can’t afford to gloss over is your wedding entertainment. You can’t forget that your wedding is, after all, a party. For many folks – yourself included – this will be their biggest party of the year!

When you look at it from that perspective, you quickly realize just how important it is to choose the right wedding DJ or live entertainment.

Wedding Planning 101: What’s Wrong with Hiring a DJ from Craigslist or Thumbtack?

But how do you know you’re choosing the right wedding entertainment for your event? These 5 tips should help.

1. Watch your entertainers perform elsewhere

Modern technology has made it possible for you to watch past performances of wedding DJs and bands from the comfort of your own home, thanks to YouTube.

But nothing compares to seeing these entertainers live in action. If you have the time, and ability, we strongly encourage you to check out your entertainment prospects at one of their events. That way you can assess how well they do with the crowd, and if their entertainment value remains consistent throughout the evening.

2. Don’t flock to the most inexpensive option out there

It doesn’t take long to realize that planning a wedding – no matter how simple or complex – can be costly. It’s only natural to look for ways to trim your budget; but your entertainment should not be one of those elements impacted by cost-cutting.

In the end, you’ll get what you paid for. Pricier musicians and DJs will almost certainly have tremendous experience with weddings, making them far better suited for your event than, say, a local band you found at a coffee shop.

3. Don’t take their word for it. Ask around!

Wedding DJs and entertainers are just like any other business out there: they do well to talk themselves up to their customers and clients.

Don’t just believe everything these folks feed to you. Getting unbiased reviews and feedback from past clients should be a non-negotiable. If a band or DJ isn’t willing to put you in contact with a previous client, that’s your cue to move on to the next option.

4. Make sure they’ll take requests

When it comes to hiring a wedding DJ in the DC area, requests shouldn’t be a problem. But they become a bit more complicated if you hire a live band.

Unlike DJs, bands typically don’t have access to thousands of songs. They have a specific set list they can turn to, meaning your wedding song requests could go unanswered.

As you begin your search, try to come up with a variety of songs you could potentially have played at your wedding. That way, your bands can tell you whether they’re intimately experienced with these genres.

Should you allow music requests from your wedding guests?  Learn more now!

5. Sign a contract. Always.

Having a contract in place is a good idea for each and every single one of your wedding vendors, entertainment included.

Your entertainment contract should include the performer’s fee, arrival/finish times, and any other extras you want to include.

For example, some performers bring their own supplies, but others may wish to use existing speakers or cabling.

You also want to outline cancellation fees, while establishing a fail-safe in case someone in the band falls ill.

People come for your wedding. But they’ll always remember the entertainment.

Not to put any pressure on you, but whom you choose for your wedding entertainment will likely define how fondly your big day is remembered by you and your guests.

We recommend giving yourself at least 9 months to choose the best entertainer that meets your needs, vision and budget. Keep in mind, many of the best throughout the Greater Washington D.C. area book out a year in advance; the more time you give yourself, the greater options you’ll have at your disposal.

Learn more about Planet DJ’s live music and DJ entertainment services by contacting us today.

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4 Special Effects to Add Life to Your Wedding or Event in D.C.

That’s why we’re so fortunate to live in today’s day and age, especially in such a progressive region as the Metro DC area. Nowadays, folks looking to plan a wedding, birthday celebration, corporate gathering or any other event can guarantee their big day will make a lasting impression, thanks to the introduction of special effects to event planning.

Types of Special Effects to Use in Your D.C.-Area Wedding or Event

As one of the DC.’s leading event and entertainment organizers, we’ve made it our mission to remain on the cutting edge of special effects. You wouldn’t imagine what’s out there these days! Admittedly, some effects seem out of a place at, say, a wedding or a more formal affair. 

However, after scouring the earth’s four corners, we’ve come up with what we think are the four coolest special effects you should consider for your next event. Even if you’re not sure if the effect will work with your event, we encourage you to give us a shout, and we’ll give you our expert opinion on what we think works best for you. 

Low Lying Fog Special Effects for Your DC-Area Event

Low lying fog is quite a popular effect for weddings and dances. The way it works is that dry ice fog covers the dance floor, never rising above 6 inches from the ground. It provides the illusion that you’re dancing on the clouds. 

We’ve seen this used regularly for first dances or for formal introductions (such as, “Introducing for the first time, Mr. and Mrs.”

We’ve also seen the fog effect used for anniversary celebrations

Using the Bubble Machine for Your Wedding

We’ve discovered that many people aren’t too sure about using a bubble machine at their wedding or other formal event … until they see it in action. Like the fog effect, we’ve seen the bubble machine used frequently for a first dance at weddings. Couple that with the right first-dance song choice, and you’ll have set the tone for the rest of your celebration.

Or, you can choose to “tell a story” with your bubble machine. Rather than use it during the first dance, use the bubble machine as an exit at the end of the night. Unlike the fog machine, which introduces a subtle, comforting feel, bubbles are akin to happiness and celebration, which is the exact tone you want to establish as you leave your friends and family. 

Add a Spark with Pyrotechnics 

Bubble machines work wonders at a wedding, but what if you want something with a more definitive statement? Believe it or not, our wedding clients throughout Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia are venturing into the world of sparklers and pyrotechnics. What a way to make an exit!

Unlike bubbles, however, there is a risk factor involved with sparklers and pyrotechnics at your wedding, corporate event or other celebration. Operating the machinery, itself, is dangerous, but then factor in all of the potentially flammable things in your event space: table clothes, drapes, clothing, etc. 

That’s why it’s vital that if you choose to add pyrotechnics to your event, that you work with an experienced entertainment planner who can demonstrate his or her work with fire in enclosed spaces. 

Light Them Up With Lasers

Perhaps the one special effect that we see used more often in a variety of events across the mid-Atlantic is the laser. Weddings, corporate gatherings, birthday parties – you name it, and lasers can somehow make a positive impact. 

For example, you can use lasers to create moving objects, or you can even write names on the walls or in the air. If this is a company event, your DC-area entertainment planner can help you push your branding by incorporating your logo or slogan with laser. 

We Have the Effects to Make Your Event Special

The four special effects mentioned here are among the most popular effects we use for our clients throughout Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland. But they’re not all that’s out there. We encourage you to contact us for a consultation, so that we can show you what type of out-of-this-world effects you can add to your event, to make it a day that will never be forgotten. Contact Planet DJ Productions today to learn more!