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6 Ways To Pleasantly Surprise Your Wedding Guests

When it comes to wedding ceremonies and receptions, so much of the attention and spotlight is (deservedly) cast upon the happy couple. But, as one of the biggest parties you’ll ever throw in your life, you don’t want to forget about your guests. They, too, deserve to enjoy in the glitz, glamour, and surprises that come with your ultimate wedding bash.

And while traditional wedding receptions are entertaining enough, we here at Planet DJ Productions of Washington D.C. wanted to help you up the ante. Here are six ways you can surprise your wedding guests so that they have a night they’ll truly cherish forever.

1. Think about those feet!

Most weddings we help organize and provide entertainment for are at least somewhat formal. That means women wear high-heels and men slip on stiff (often rented) shoes. That’s okay for the ceremony, but what happens when it’s time to dance?

One way to surprise your guests with something useful is to leave boxes of flip-flops along the perimeter of the dance floor for guests to use as they wish. Trust us, they, and their feet, will thank you!

2. Bring the photo booth!

Weddings and pictures are, by no means, strangers to one another. But photo booths bring your picture game to a whole new level. Add a few silly props into the mix and what you’ll end up with is not only an entertaining party feature – but the pictures to prove it!

3. Waiters who wow

As one of the most sought after wedding entertainment agencies in the mid-Atlantic region, we know how much wedding guests love their entertainers. But do you know what they love even more – surprise entertainment. Why not book professional singers and party motivators, disguised as waiters, who’ll burst into song while serving your meal? The look on your guests’ faces will be well worth it.

4. End the night with a food truck

There’s simply no denying that food trucks are in right now. We’re not saying you should replace your official meal with food trucks (although that is an option) but rather, at the end of the night, when the dancing is done, why not surprise exiting guests with a food truck (or two) parked outside the venue? This way they can grab a late-night snack to fuel up after a night of partying.

5. Book a star – or a somewhat star

Weddings are already expensive, so we don’t expect you to want (or be able) to afford to hire an a-list star. But here’s the good news: extremely talented contestants on shows like the X Factor, American Idol and The Voice are available to perform at weddings, and can be somewhat affordable. Perhaps a good idea is to book these stars to perform one or two songs, but then book a more professional – and affordable – wedding musician for the rest of your evening.

6. Go with DIY treats

Fill a long table with tubs of ice cream, wafers, sundae dishes and toppings, and allow your guests to make their own dessert masterpieces. Your guests – from young nieces to 90-year-old grandparents, will love this opportunity to get creative.

Still not sure how best to wow your wedding guests? Not to worry. We here at Planet DJ Productions have put on countless weddings and other celebrations throughout D.C., Maryland, Virginia and abroad. We can work with you, directly, to help you come up with your own unique, and memorable wedding ideas to keep your guests talking about your party for years to come.

Contact us today to learn more.

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5 Tips On How to Choose the Right Wedding Entertainment for Your Big Day

There are so many factors that go into planning your dream wedding. From the venue to your choice of food and decorations, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the details.

But one detail you certainly can’t afford to gloss over is your wedding entertainment. You can’t forget that your wedding is, after all, a party. For many folks – yourself included – this will be their biggest party of the year!

When you look at it from that perspective, you quickly realize just how important it is to choose the right wedding DJ or live entertainment.

Wedding Planning 101: What’s Wrong with Hiring a DJ from Craigslist or Thumbtack?

But how do you know you’re choosing the right wedding entertainment for your event? These 5 tips should help.

1. Watch your entertainers perform elsewhere

Modern technology has made it possible for you to watch past performances of wedding DJs and bands from the comfort of your own home, thanks to YouTube.

But nothing compares to seeing these entertainers live in action. If you have the time, and ability, we strongly encourage you to check out your entertainment prospects at one of their events. That way you can assess how well they do with the crowd, and if their entertainment value remains consistent throughout the evening.

2. Don’t flock to the most inexpensive option out there

It doesn’t take long to realize that planning a wedding – no matter how simple or complex – can be costly. It’s only natural to look for ways to trim your budget; but your entertainment should not be one of those elements impacted by cost-cutting.

In the end, you’ll get what you paid for. Pricier musicians and DJs will almost certainly have tremendous experience with weddings, making them far better suited for your event than, say, a local band you found at a coffee shop.

3. Don’t take their word for it. Ask around!

Wedding DJs and entertainers are just like any other business out there: they do well to talk themselves up to their customers and clients.

Don’t just believe everything these folks feed to you. Getting unbiased reviews and feedback from past clients should be a non-negotiable. If a band or DJ isn’t willing to put you in contact with a previous client, that’s your cue to move on to the next option.

4. Make sure they’ll take requests

When it comes to hiring a wedding DJ in the DC area, requests shouldn’t be a problem. But they become a bit more complicated if you hire a live band.

Unlike DJs, bands typically don’t have access to thousands of songs. They have a specific set list they can turn to, meaning your wedding song requests could go unanswered.

As you begin your search, try to come up with a variety of songs you could potentially have played at your wedding. That way, your bands can tell you whether they’re intimately experienced with these genres.

Should you allow music requests from your wedding guests?  Learn more now!

5. Sign a contract. Always.

Having a contract in place is a good idea for each and every single one of your wedding vendors, entertainment included.

Your entertainment contract should include the performer’s fee, arrival/finish times, and any other extras you want to include.

For example, some performers bring their own supplies, but others may wish to use existing speakers or cabling.

You also want to outline cancellation fees, while establishing a fail-safe in case someone in the band falls ill.

People come for your wedding. But they’ll always remember the entertainment.

Not to put any pressure on you, but whom you choose for your wedding entertainment will likely define how fondly your big day is remembered by you and your guests.

We recommend giving yourself at least 9 months to choose the best entertainer that meets your needs, vision and budget. Keep in mind, many of the best throughout the Greater Washington D.C. area book out a year in advance; the more time you give yourself, the greater options you’ll have at your disposal.

Learn more about Planet DJ’s live music and DJ entertainment services by contacting us today.

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When Hiring a Wedding DJ, Look for These Character Traits 

Hiring a wedding DJ means more than finding someone who can push PLAY and stick to a playlist.

Hiring a wedding DJ means finding the right personality and pizazz that’ll help ensure that your wedding turns out to be the ultimate celebration you’ve always envisioned it to be.

A DJ doesn’t just play the music; he or she helps your wedding flow from start to end. The DJ works hard to ensure everyone in attendance is having a good time.

But how can you make sure your wedding DJ has the skills and personality to make your wedding rock? Check out these must-have character traits every wedding DJ should have.

The ability to communicate clearly

Wedding DJs have to take the visions and dreams of every bride and groom and turn those visions into reality. That requires the ability to plan, prepare, and speak clearly with not only his clients (bride and groom) but with the photographer, videographer, rental hall, family and more.

One of the easiest ways to assess this skill in your potential DJ is during your vetting process. Chances are your first encounter with a prospective DJ will be over the phone. How did they sound? Were they energetic? Could you hear them clearly? Did they seem focused on the conversation?

If so, you might want to schedule a face-to-face. During this face-to-face, ask yourself the same questions above, but also ask yourself: do they make eye contact? How is their body language? Do they look presentable?

If after these two conversations you feel comfortable with your DJ, he or she is likely an effective communicator.

A willingness to please

Wedding DJs are at the mercy of their audience. First and foremost, the bride and groom’s needs should be met; however, every DJ should be willing and eager to please the rest of the party in attendance as well.

A wedding DJ has to be a people pleaser – it’s almost literally in his job description! People pleasers are flexible, even-tempered, and have a tremendous amount of patience.

During your face-to-face with a prospective DJ, ask them to discuss some of their most particularly challenging events, and how they got through them.

Listen carefully to their responses. If the DJ is quick to place blame on his clients, or uses negative words, this may not be the right DJ for you. You want a DJ who has respect for the people who hired him – even long after the event is over. This type of quality speaks volumes to how hard the DJ will work to make sure you and your guests are happy.

It’s all about the details

There are a ton of moving parts that go into the execution of a wedding. Your DJ often times serves as the hub of this wheel; he needs to be able to manage his time and figure out how to make these moving parts work within the confines of one event.

This includes being able to manage his own duties as well as work closely with the venue, caterers and more. He shouldn’t have to be told – by you – what to do or whom to talk with. Your wedding DJ should take the initiative.

Wedding DJs should also test everything out ahead of time, not just at their own studio, but at the venue itself. That means coming to the event at least two hours beforehand to set everything up.

How can you determine how detail-oriented your DJ is? During your interview, have the DJ go over exactly how he or she prepares for an event. That includes whom he/she talks with, when they arrive at the event and more.

If your DJ goes into great detail, then you know that not only does he sweat the small stuff, but he’s been doing this long enough to be able to rattle off his routine from the top of his head.

Your DJ should be a mind reader

OK, this might be a bit far-fetched, but hear us out: First and foremost, your wedding DJ should always play your requested music (it is your party, after all). But you could get anyone to agree to play your music, right?

A DJ will also know how to read the crowd (ah, the mind reader!) and mood of the event, and keep the party going with specific in-the-moment music selections. If, for example, everyone is finally dancing to a fast tune, your DJ might delay that next slow song so that he can keep folks dancing.

How can you determine the ESP-qualities of your DJ before you hire him? This one’s a bit tricky, but we suggest asking your prospective DJs if they ever play music “off script”, and if so, why.

Those who have never are likely too afraid to trust their own instincts, or are new to the scene and haven’t emceed enough weddings.

For your upcoming Virginia or Destination wedding – choose wisely!

Even with the latest smartphones being able to play hours of music on end, DJs remain an integral part of any wedding.

Here in the Virginia/DC area, more folks turn to Planet DJ Productions than any other DJ service out there. That’s because we not only bring our decades of experience of DJ’ing to each wedding, but we also specialize in other event-planning areas, including lighting, sound, live entertainment and more.*

Contact us today to learn more about our team of DJs, and what stands us apart from the rest.

*We even help plan – and DJ – destination weddings to venues located across the globe!

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What’s Wrong with Hiring a DJ from Craigslist or Thumbtack? Oh, Let’s See …

Anyone with an email address and a computer can create an account on Craigslist or Thumbtack, craft some compelling content, and call themselves a DJ.

And, with the cost of powerful audio equipment becoming more affordable, it’s not too difficult for an amateur to buy a cheap PA system and advertise their DJ services at incredibly low prices on sites like Craigslist.

While hiring these folks might not cost that much, there are pricey tradeoffs for hiring these amateurs. Namely, it takes more than good sound to be an entertaining and professional event DJ.

It takes training, hands-on experience, and a natural talent in order to keep a huge room of people entertained and at ease for several hours at a time.

Amateurs simply don’t have what it takes.

In fact, there’s an entire site ( dedicated to disgruntled Thumbtack users, including this one, who was burned when hiring a DJ:

“I hired a DJ through Thumbtack and I was extremely disappointed. He didn’t do any of the things we asked of him during our event. We even requested to meet with him the week before, gave him a written outline of the events, announcements etc., and he still did not do it. I would have been better off running the event myself with music from my iPhone.”

Others have complained that their hired DJ was actually interning and using their event as an on-the-job-training opportunity.

Sure, one day this DJ might be proficient, but would you want to hand over the fate of your event to an amateur?

As one of the most recognized names in event planning and entertainment throughout the Greater Washington DC area, we hear countless stories like these ones from our clients who just wanted to save a few dollars by using Craigslist or Thumbtack.

But finding a service – like a wedding or event DJ – is just part of the equation. You also have to:

     * Assess the quality of the service
     * Compare it to other competing services
     * Determine if this particular DJ is going to help you put on the type of event you’re looking for

One piece of advice we like to share with anyone looking to hire a DJ for their upcoming event is: there is a difference between paying the lowest price for a service, and receiving the greatest value.

Be just as careful with your family and friends

Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event or any other milestone moment, using your friends or family members as your DJ could also have disastrous results.

We hear horror stories of wedding receptions that were derailed because the couple chose to use a family friend with a good PA system or who calls himself a hobbyist DJ.

Simply put, there is no comparison between a nice PA system and the state-of-the-art system and training that comes with hiring a professional DJ. Beyond a PA system, a professional DJ brings with him a complex entertainment system, including computers, speakers, lighting and more.

If you’re organizing a house party for a few friends, sure, go with an amateur. You’ll probably be happy with the results.

But there’s simply no way why you should trust one of the most important moments of your life to anyone other than a skilled DJ with a proven track record for hosting events of all shapes and sizes.

Want to guarantee that your event is unforgettable? Contact us today to learn how we can help!

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Mastering Sound for Your Event – Tips from the Pros

These days, big sounds can come from the smallest of packages. You could go, for example, to your local Walmart and pick up a “home studio” dock for your iPhone, and use it to entertain backyard guests.

We admit we’re excited about the way technology helps improve sound quality for folks looking to bring the noise at home or in their car.

But no matter how good technology is, don’t expect your run-of-the-mill sound equipment to handle big jobs like:

– Weddings
– Corporate Events
– Formal Celebrations

In fact, even if you rent top-notch sound equipment for your formal gathering, we’re willing to bet you (and your guests) will be let down by the sound produced.

That’s because unless you have a master puppeteer pulling the strings, so to speak, you’ll be left with nothing more than a pile of junk.

But we here at Planet DJ Productions want to help you breathe life into your event, which is why we’re offering up a few pro tips to make sure you and your guests aren’t left out in the dark when it comes to your sound quality.

Pro Tip: Sound equipment isn’t even the first thing you need to consider for your event

When we talk with clients who’ve attempted a do-it-yourself approach to their sound in the past, we typically learn that the first step these folks took was to check out all the possible sound equipment they’ll need.

But what if I asked you to go find equipment to prepare yourself for a camping trip? Would you know where to start?

Sure, you need a tent, sleeping bag, cooking gear and more. But unless you know:

– How long you’ll be camping
– The potential temperatures and terrain of your camping site
– Who else you’ll be camping with
– And more

How could you possibly prepare yourself adequately?

The same goes for mastering the sound for your event. Sure, you know you need speakers, likely a computer, possibly a mixer, and more.

But unless you know a few other particulars of your event, you’ll either:

– Not get the right equipment
– Not get enough equipment
– Will get way more equipment than you’ll need

The thing is, your event isn’t likely to change. You know where it’ll be held. You know (roughly) how many people will attend. You know your budget.

While these elements are essentially set in stone, the equipment you’ll need to accommodate the event is adaptable.

Here are a few specifics about your event that could – and will – impact the type of equipment and setup you’ll need for your sound:

– The size of the event hall
– Does the space have good acoustics, or does loud sound bounce around and echo?
– What type of carpeting and concrete are found in the space?
– Do you have high or low ceilings?
– Will everyone in attendance be centralized in one location or will they be spread out?
– The number of attendees (a big room and a few people make for some challenges for your sound!)

These are just a few of the elements you must consider before investing in – and setting up – your sound equipment.

A case study: The conference that went awry

Here’s a dramatization of what could happen at your next event

Jeremy is in charge of his company’s yearly conference, where colleagues and clients from across the country meet to discuss the climate of business and to look ahead at what’s in store for the company.

The hall in which Jeremy’s conference will be held is in a large, open space with uncarpeted floors, high ceilings, and concrete walls.

The 200 people in attendance will be scattered throughout the room, but the speakers for the conference will be settled in at the front of the room where a small stage has been setup.

Knowing he wants to make sure folks in the way back can hear each presentation, Jeremy decides to rent two powerful speakers and poles, which he’ll set up beside the stage area, and point out to the open room.

How’d Jeremy do? Will his event go off without a hitch?

Well, sure, his event will be perfectly fine, so long as 10% of those in attendance don’t mind being shouted at and the remaining 90% have no issue with listening to presenters who sound a whole lot like the mumbling gibberish of the parents in a Peanuts Charlie Brown comic.

You see, where Jeremy wasn’t wrong is in thinking that bigger is better.

When it comes to mastering your sound for a wedding, corporate event or other gathering, this isn’t always the case. Particularly when the parameters of Jeremy’s conference space make it clear that reverb and echo will be a huge issue.

If he had hired a professional to handle his sound, Jeremy would’ve realized that he could, for example, set up small satellite speakers throughout the room. That way, each listener could clearly hear the presenters, without Jeremy having to blow out the front speakers.

Mastering sound is a skill –which is why folks go to school for it!

Because buying decent sound equipment is fairly straightforward, most folks think it takes little effort to turn an empty space into the perfect conference, event, or wedding.

Don’t be fooled!

Sound professionals go to school specifically to understand the complexities involved in using the right type of equipment to fill in spaces that range from tiny offices to huge stadiums.

It’s not as easy as it seems!

Remember back in school – long ago – when the teacher would put a movie on the TV at the front of the room? The kids in the back of the class would complain that they couldn’t hear the sound.

So, the teacher would crank up the volume as a solution. The only problem was, that made the sound bounce off the concrete walls of the room! Now no one could hear the movie.

It was funny as a student in school, but it sure isn’t funny when it’s a huge event in your life.

When it comes to mastering the sound for your event, let the pros handle it.

Contact us now to learn more.


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What Your Wedding or Big Event Could Look Like Without a Professional DJ

Planning a wedding, or any huge event, is a huge expense. Even the smallest parties tend to add up:

     – Renting a hall
     – The food
     – Decorations/linens
     – Hiring a photographer, and perhaps a videographer!

Before you know it, you’ve spent thousands of dollars, which is why most couples and party organizers look for ways to cut costs. Some folks initially ponder the idea of using an iPhone or MP3 player to replace the cost of a DJ. But most quickly realize that a wedding or event without a DJ is like a baseball game without an umpire: something is bound to go wrong if no one’s at the helm, keeping the night in order.

So, cost-cutting couples turn to what they think is the best alternative: finding a non-professional to act as their DJ.

Nothing could go wrong with that choice, right?

Wrong. Here are 4 things that can go wrong at your wedding or event without a professional DJ

1) Big moments aren’t captured on film

Photographers and videographers play a huge role in your event. Without them, your big day won’t be memorialized for eternity. Imagine how devastated the parents of the bride would be if, for example, the first dance isn’t photographed! Or the cutting of the cake? The bouquet toss? If you’re planning a corporate event, imagine how upset the boss would be if the big ribbon-cutting moment didn’t get photographed!

You may think that your photographer and videographer are the ones responsible for getting to these moments on time. But your DJ plays a much bigger role.

An amateur wedding or event DJ might be playing a song that has the whole room grooving. Great! But then he decides it’s time to play that First Dance song, without making a formal announcement. He didn’t ask the guests to sit down, so now the couple has to share their “First Dance” with everyone else.

Worse yet, the photographer took this moment to photograph aspects of the space (table settings, decorations, etc.). Without that formal announcement, he has no idea the First Dance is happening, until a very angry Father of the Bride taps on his shoulder, asking why he’s missing out on this moment.

Now he has to fight through the crowd to get to the happy couple. Too bad he missed the first half of the song!

2) The dance floor looks more like an empty space

Every family has those selected few people who’ll dance at anything, no matter what. Most people, however, need a little encouragement to get up and groove.

Your nonprofessional DJ, however, has no idea how to get these folks onto their feet. Playing music, alone, isn’t enough. Some guests need a bit more, such as a dance game or even a dance lesson, to bring them to the dance floor.

Nonprofessional DJs will either ignore these wallflowers, or be a bit too aggressive when encouraging them to dance. Saying, “Hey, come join the party!” to the groom’s grandmother isn’t going to cut it. The goal of a DJ isn’t to make anyone feel targeted or uncomfortable.

3) The music gets a bit off-track

Many DJs, even professionals, take requests from guests. This is a great way to get people involved and excited about the music.

But these requests can turn a good time into a socially awkward experiment, fast.

We don’t have to tell you that grandparents, for example, likely listen to different music than teenagers. When your younger brother and his date request a song by Iggy Azalea, that doesn’t mean the DJ should play that song. Not only might the song go against your theme, but Aunt Betty might not be too happy about Iggy’s colorful vocabulary.

Many of our couples come to us with a specific theme for their music. A professional event or wedding DJ will use that theme to craft an entire playlist. When guests make requests, the DJ will be able to know, right away, whether that request fits the mood and theme of the party.

4) The day the music died …

A lot of equipment is involved in DJ’ing. Speakers. Computers. Turntables. Mixing boards. Lighting. With all that equipment, there’s no way anything would malfunction …

Yeah right.

Equipment failures happen all the time. The gifted DJ knows how to ride the wave. Your amateur DJ, on the other hand, will stand there like a deer in the headlights when either the music dies down or an annoying, somewhat painful buzzing noise accompanies that Frank Sinatra song Grandpa Joe has been waiting to hear.

Some equipment failures require quick fixes. Others, like a computer malfunction, could be far more severe. We’re guessing your amateur DJ doesn’t have a backup plan if he can’t use his laptop, right?

Oh well. A singalong fest could make for an entertaining reception! Too bad you didn’t hire a professional DJ; they have backup plans for their backup plans. In other words, even if everything went wrong during your wedding reception or event, your professional DJ would likely still be able to get folks dancing.

Looking to have a stress-free, entertaining wedding or event in Virginia, Maryland or Washington DC?

We understand the allure of getting a nonprofessional DJ for your party, but in our experience hosting weddings and other events throughout the region, we’ve heard our fair share of horror stories from folks who’ve gone this route.

Whether you’re planning a wedding or other formal event, this is likely one of the biggest parties you’ll ever throw in your entire life. Don’t take chances by cutting costs with your DJ.

A gifted DJ does more than just play music. He or she motivates your guests to get in the party mood; he or she makes sure every moment is captured on film.

Think of your wedding or event like a great big wheel, with many spokes. At the center of it all is your DJ, making sure that big wheel keeps rolling.

Learn more about how Planet DJ Productions can help your party roll on without a hitch. Contact us today to learn more.

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3 Ways to Add a Little Extra Life and Fun to Your Reception

When everything about your reception is going well, the room can seem to take on a life of its own. People of all ages and backgrounds dance, laugh, eat and drink, all while enjoying one another’s company in true style and fashion.

But more often than not, your reception could use a little help getting the party started on the right foot. That’s where an experienced event planner in Washington D.C., like Planet DJ Productions, can help. We know how to throw some of the most memorable parties in the mid-Atlantic region – from weddings to cultural celebrations – and we’re ready to share our expertise with you. Here are 3 ways to add a little extra life and fun into your upcoming reception.

If You Build It, They Will Come: The Dance Floor

If your reception is intended to be a party, what better way to get people moving than to have a dance floor. Depending on the space you’ve rented, you may or may not have a dance floor in place.

If you don’t have a dance floor, you can easily rent one from party organizers like Planet DJ Productions. But even if your hall has a dedicated space for dancing, you might be surprised at the types of floors you can rent to add a little extra flair to your event. Consider renting:

    * A white dance floor for elegance and class
    * A checkered dance floor for that timeless look
    * A parquet dance floor for comfort and performance
    * Or you can also adapt the size of your dance floor based on the number of guests you expect

You can’t expect your guests to dance if they have no place to shuffle their feet. Make getting a dance floor become an integral part of your party-planning to-do list.

Glow sticks are cool. Glow-Bars may be cooler.

Through our experience as Metro DC’s leading party planners, we’ve discovered how integral lighting is to instilling a bit of magic into a reception hall. That’s why we think that Glow-Bars can become a great addition to your party.

Glow-Bars (and Glow-Tables, Glow-Centerpieces and more) add a touch of class and allure to any space. You can even choose the color of your Glow-Bar (to match your color scheme) or go with a Glow-Bar that changes color.

Photo Shoots and Dress Up – The Photo Booth

It’s a guarantee that most people will have access to their own cameras at your reception (thanks to the smartphone!). So why then would you want to rent a photo booth? Because photo booths add a little bit of nostalgia to your party.

There’s something special about being able to pack your friends into a small booth, make silly faces, and get an actual photograph you can hold to cherish the moment forever. And better yet, why not add a few costumes and party gags to the mix? Funny glasses, wigs and more can make each photo booth session as fun as the time spent on the dance floor.

Get more ideas on how to liven up your upcoming reception in Washington D.C.

Here at Planet DJ Productions, we know what it takes to get your party started right. Our team of party motivators, DJs, light/sound engineers and more work hard to turn your reception into a day or night to remember.

Beyond the three tips outlined above, we have a host of ideas we think will help you organize the party of the year. Want to learn more about how we can help you and your guests have the time of your life?

Then contact us today!

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Destination Wedding Planning in Washington D.C. – Your Guide

When your goal is to create a wedding experience that’s unique and adventurous, few things compare to a destination wedding. Imagine combining both a vacation and the biggest day of your life all into one. Sounds amazing, right?

So why don’t more couples choose a destination wedding for their ceremony? It usually comes down to two fears and misconceptions:

1) Destination weddings are really expensive.
2) Planning a wedding in some far off place is stressful and not worth the hassle.

We here at Planet DJ Productions have a unique experience planning destination weddings for clients throughout the DC Metro area. With our experience we’ve discovered that these fears people have involving planning a wedding far from home are typically unfounded. Here’s what we mean.

It might not cost more to have a destination wedding

The most prevalent fear that keeps folks from planning the wedding of their dreams is the cost. But time and time again we discover that many of our clients spend less on a destination wedding than they would at a traditional, at-home wedding. Why is this?

This is for a number of reasons. Firstly, if you plan your wedding somewhere in the Caribbean, for example, your guest list will likely shrink in size.

Secondly, many resorts in such tropical locations as Cancun, Puerto Rico and Riviera Maya offer unique, cost-savings packages for wedding parties. With our experience planning weddings in warmer climates, we know how to find these budget-friendly destinations for our clients. In fact, we have working relationships with many resorts (and vendors); these relationships typically translate into savings for our clients.

Thirdly, we tend to see many couples plan a wedding for the same location as their honeymoon. In essence, you’re combining two big events into one, saving you money and time (your honeymoon can start the minute you say “I do”).

Destination weddings don’t have to be stressful at all

We’ve heard people say they assume planning a destination wedding must be like walking around blindfolded. You have to choose your venue, caterer, vendors and more without actually getting to meet the people who’ll be offering these services.

Wedding planning is stressful enough when your wedding will be in the same town where you live. Imagine if your ceremony will be thousands of miles away. Of course it makes sense that this distance would cause added stress in the months leading up to your wedding.

Except, it doesn’t have to.

Firstly, you’ll discover that certain resorts and venues are well equipped to work remotely with couples. Secondly, when you work with Planet DJ Productions, you’ll never have to worry about the entertainment and music. Whether you choose a DJ, live band, MCs/party motivators, dancers, or, all of the above, you can rest assured that we’ll do everything we can to make this destination wedding planning stress free for you.

In fact, because we have so much experience with destination weddings, we’ll work with you in ensuring all other aspects of your ceremony (from catering to photography, lighting, venue location and more) are taken care of.

Your destination wedding can be your home away from home

One of the concerns couples have when it comes to destination weddings is that their big day won’t feel as intimate or family-oriented as a traditional wedding would. But on the contrary, destination weddings tend to become a more intimate affair, because chances are your only guests will be your closest friends and family.

And with Planet DJ Productions in your corner, we’ll make sure we add every personal touch possible to make your destination wedding everything you have ever dreamed it would be.

Let us help you plan and execute your dream destination wedding

While Planet DJ Productions is well known throughout the D.C. area for providing unmatched entertainment services, we also have a team of dedicated wedding planners with a specialization in destination weddings. Let us help you line up vendors, schedule travel arrangements, and prepare for your honeymoon. All you have to do is show up on the big day.

Remember, your dream wedding doesn’t have to cost a ton of money; it doesn’t have to be the source of unneeded stress. Contact Planet DJ Productions today to learn how we can help you turn your dream destination wedding into a reality. ­