Should You Allow Music Requests from Your Wedding Guests?

Figuring out the music to be played in your wedding is a tall order for every bride and groom. While many of our clients know  exactly  what they want for their music, there are quite a number of couples that look to us for our expertise.

And then there are those who decide to allow their wedding guests to make specific music requests.

As professional wedding DJs in Washington D.C., we’ve seen it all, and admittedly, when you do allow your guests to make requests at your wedding, it can become a more enriched and interactive experience. When your guests feel welcomed enough to approach a DJ and request a song, they feel like they’re helping to create the experience.

Remember, your guests know you really well

While you may have specific songs you want played during your wedding, something magical can happen if you allow others to request songs as well. For example, we’ve seen friends of the bride request a nostalgic song that represents a specific childhood memory that few others even know about.

It’s amazing to see the power and influence that music has when an unexpected request is played over our loudspeakers.

But it isn’t always perfect when you allow wedding guests to make music requests.

There are times, however, when guests approach a wedding DJ and ask for the wrong song (or at least, the wrong song at the wrong time). For example, let’s say that we’re playing high-energy music that has 100+ people out on the dance floor. Then someone comes up to us and asks if we can play a song like “The Lady in Red” by Chris DeBurgh.

Obviously this song doesn’t fit with the current energy of the room. As wedding DJs, we want to cater to our guests; however, we also have a responsibility to go with the flow of the party. So, in other words, chances are we’re not going to play that song anytime soon.

Get your guests involved while maintaining some control

Our goal, as Metro DC’s most prolific wedding DJs, is to create a memorable experience that makes everyone happy. It’s a challenge, but with our vast experience, we think we’ve gotten pretty good at it.

One strategy we’ve developed that encourages guest requests – without disrupting the flow of the party – is to help you allow your guests to request music ahead of time.

With this tactic, what we do is have the bride and groom give their guests request cards (an effective way of doing this, actually, is to include a space on your RSVP cards, or via your wedding website). This allows your guests to feel like a part of your wedding, but allows you (and your wedding DJ) more control over when music is played.

It is your day, but never forget your guests

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. But the ceremony and reception are only good if your guests are having a good time. We encourage you to allow your guests to make requests. Sure, some songs might not be to your liking, but may, very well, create a special memory for people you care about. Consider, for example, a request by a grandparent for a Big Band song. You may not like it, but this requested song might have been the song played at her wedding day.

Allowing your guests to make requests is a great way to get people involved. We encourage you to consider having your guests make music requests before the ceremony, so that we, as your professional wedding DJs, can create a fluid, fun experience for everyone involved.

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