Using Social Media to Make Your Wedding Rock

Most people use social media daily to share their personal stories and important moments with the people in their lives. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are also used to gather information, entertain us and more.

But can social media be used at and for your wedding? Absolutely. As a leader in wedding entertainment in DC and beyond, we’ve seen some of our clients master the art (and science) of social media. Here are a few useful tips to use social media to make your wedding even better.

Using social media with your wedding vendors

You can use social media from the start of your wedding planning to select, and vet, your vendors (including your DJs, catering company and more). Here’s how:

* Research your potential vendors on social media and cut those that don’t fit your criteria.
* Read online and social reviews and stick to those vendors with the highest ratings.
* Reach out directly to your potential vendors – via social media – with any questions or concerns. Then gauge your satisfaction with their input and answers.

Get wedding inspirations through social media

You can use social media to design your wedding ideas and concepts. Pinterest is the platform for gathering inspiration, but each network offers plenty of opportunities for you to read about trends, ideas, designs, colors and themes that might interest you.

Then, you can share these ideas and posts with your vendors and friends to get feedback.

Add a hashtag to your wedding day

Create a wedding hashtag by using your wedding date, your names, nicknames, or wedding theme. Really, anything unique and fun can be used for your wedding hashtag (#MrandMrsDavis, etc.).

Spread the word early about your hashtag by printing it on your invitations and email blasts. Design signs for your reception that will remind guests to use your hashtag. The use of a hashtag across social media will allow you and your guests to tell your wedding day story and follow it in one, singular place.

Rules of the social media world

There are plenty of ways to use social media to enhance your wedding. But, if you plan to use sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, then there are some things you should prepare for:

For starters, when sharing your wedding story online, use only the networks that work best for you and your guests. Ask them which networks they prefer, and stick only to them.

Also, use sensitivity and common sense – post only appropriate photos. Stick to positive, light and fun messages – even if you are documenting the arduous task of wedding planning. Keep your negativity off the social channels.

If you plan to encourage your guests to be active on social media during your wedding, then you might want to offer up a social media station where guests can charge their phones. The social media station can also serve as a centralized area where guests can live stream to share with family and friends who weren’t able to attend.

Lastly, as amazing as social media can be, it’s more important to be present and enjoy your wedding day. Life isn’t lived through a smartphone, so don’t compromise real memories for social media moments.

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