Wedding Day Photo Booths: How to Choose the Right One

If there were ever a day where there was no such thing as having too many photos, your wedding day has got to be it. And while hiring a photographer to capture every moment is a good thing, no photographer can capture it all. That’s why more and more couples looking to get married in the DC Metro area are excited to discover wedding day photo booths.

Why choose a photo booth for your wedding day?

Nearly every wedding album features the standard photographs:
    * The exchanging of vows
    * The first introduction of man and wife
    * Cake cutting
    * First dance
    * Bouquet toss

You get the idea. And yes, you want to have these moments captured on film. However, your wedding day involves so much more than these planned out events. Oftentimes, it’s the unscripted moments that mean the most.

That’s what renting a photo booth will do for your wedding day: offer a feeling of spontaneity and levity that can be captured in pictures that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

There’s something nostalgic and youthful about these booths. The moment your guests step inside, they’re taken back to a younger time in their lives, where they could act goofy and silly without fear of judgment. The pictures produced when your guests are at their most relaxed will keep you laughing for years to come.

What to look for in your wedding day photo booth rental in D.C.

While photo booths take a page out of yesteryear, that doesn’t mean you have to struggle with old-school technology and poor-quality photographs.

These days, your wedding day photo booth can produce remarkable digital images that you can share in an instant across social media and beyond. You just need to know what to look for when renting these booths.

At Planet DJ Productions, we recommend:
    * An Open Air Photo Booth – These types of booths offer the least amount of restrictions. While beachside booths are tiny, designed for 2 or 3 people, an open-air photo booth can fit up to 20 people without issue.
    * Camera Quality – The pictures taken by smartphones these days are remarkable. So why should you deal with webcam like pictures with your booth? You don’t have to. At Planet DJ Productions, we offer a 14-megapixel DSLR camera.
    * Post-Wedding Control – As important as it is for your booth to be functional during your wedding, you also want to have control over your images after the fact. We suggest making sure you can have access to (at least) a DVD of your high-res photos. But as Metro D.C.’s leader in wedding-day entertainment, we go one step further. We also offer free online hosting, with password protection, so that you can share your pictures with your guests, and print them whenever … and wherever … you want.

While these are just the bare minimum that we feel you should look for in a photo booth, there are some added features that may be worth your while.

    Memory Book

Our photo booth service includes a Memory Book, with contains every picture taken on your wedding night, as well as every message your guests left.


Chances are a number of your guests won’t need encouragement to get a little silly inside the booth. But it doesn’t hurt to have a few props to evoke the inner child in everyone. Hats, glasses, wigs, and funny-face masks will help make these photographs stand apart from those taken outside the booth.


Here’s where Planet DJ Productions simply stands apart from other wedding day entertainers in DC. We assign two qualified and trained attendants to your photo booths. Here’s why:

    * Attendant #1 will take your picture for you. That means you won’t have to worry about hitting a timer button and rushing into a pose.
    * Attendant #2 will remind your guests to write something in the memory book.

Photo booths bring the fun to your wedding day

No matter how formal or informal your wedding day may be, your guests will love the opportunity to let loose inside a photo booth. As D.C.’s leader in photo booth rentals for weddings, celebrations and more, Planet DJ Productions can help you choose the right booth for your important day. Contact us today to learn more.