Wedding and Event Planning Guide: What Are Motivational Dancers and Do I Need Them?

We here at Planet DJ Productions have been a part of countless weddings throughout the Greater Washington DC area (and abroad). Without fail, each wedding offers us the challenge of figuring out how to keep the party going as we encourage wallflowers to let down their guards and put on their dancing shoes.

This is no easy task, but we know that everyone involved – the bride, groom, and guests – will have a better time if they all get swept up in the music and moment.

That’s why our clients often ask us to bring party motivators to their wedding; motivators are specially trained to engage with guests and bring your celebration to the next level.

This isn’t so different from entertainment staff on a cruise ship. Sometimes people need a little help feeling comfortable letting loose – our party motivators do just that. Here’s how:

1. Never be the first one on the dance floor

While the bride and groom traditionally have the first dance, there are still times throughout the wedding when the dance floor is empty or sparse. This can be incredibly intimidating for anyone (adults or children) who want to dance but don’t want to be the focus of attention.

Party motivators are always out and about, dancing and socializing, making it easier for the rest of the party to join in.

2. Trained to adapt to individual needs

One of the most amazing aspects of a wedding is the wide range of generations that congregate in one space.

But this also introduces a unique challenge: how can you make sure that grandparents and young children are having an equally good time?

A party/dance motivator knows how to speak to, and interact with, guests of all ages. The way you address a shy 5-year-old simply won’t be the way you talk to a 70-year-old. A party motivator knows this, and uses careful yet effective tactics to connect with each and every guest at a wedding.

Whether that means bringing silly toys or costumes, or just engaging in artful conversation, a motivator will make sure every guest walks away happy.

How you know you need a motivational dancer for your wedding

Do you plan to have a wedding that:
     * Incorporates dancing and music as an integral part of the reception?
     * Will have guests that range in age?
     * Have guests who may not know each other well (or may have never met?)

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then your wedding certainly can benefit from a party motivator.

Keep in mind that even the most energetic and trained wedding DJs likely can’t also wear the hat of a true motivator. That’s because motivational dancers and party motivators need to be out and about with the crowd, while the DJ should be manning the music.

If you are interested in hiring motivational dancers or a party motivator, consider hiring one who’s familiar with your wedding DJ. It’s important that your DJ and motivator work together to create a fluid and fun party atmosphere that will get everyone dancing and having a good time.

Want to know more about the impact a party/dance motivator could have on your wedding? Contact us today to learn more!