Stuck Planning a Last Minute Wedding? Here’s What to Do

Many couples take 6 months, if not an entire year, to plan their wedding. Even with all that time on their hands, wedding planning is still stressful and always seems to come down to the wire.

But what about those couples who find themselves planning a last-minute wedding? How can they make sure that they pull off a successful ceremony and reception without suffocating from the stress and expenses?

Here are a few tips to help you simplify your last-minute wedding:

Make a clear and immovable budget

In our experience as the leading wedding entertainers throughout the Greater Washington DC area, we’ve noticed that many couples forced to plan a last-minute wedding fail to make a budget.

But the first conversation you should have with your significant other (and your families) is about budget.

Set your budget right away. Not only will this help ease some of the stresses involved in the process, but the confinement of a budget will make it easier for you to make hard decisions as you rush to beat the clock.

Be flexible with the venue and date

When you’re stuck planning a last-minute wedding, your choices become smaller and smaller. While couples who have a year or more to plan can be picky in their choice of venue, you’ll have to be a bit more flexible.

Don’t worry. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still have the wedding of your dreams, even if you don’t have the venue you’ve always wanted.

From dance floors, to lighting, pipe and drapes and more, you have plenty of options in wedding equipment rentals to choose from to help transform any space into your wedding space.

Choose an entertainment company to handle the music and more

As you plan your wedding, you’ll likely have to interview a handful of people who’ll play a key role in the reception or ceremony, including photographers, videographers, and DJ.

But you can make life much easier for yourself by working with an experienced wedding entertainment company that can connect you with everything you need to plan a fun, memorable wedding.

At Planet DJ Productions, we’re known for our lively DJs, M.C.’s, musicians and dancers that bring the life to any party.

But, we also know that every wedding needs lighting, décor, and more. That’s why we offer these services to our clients – there’s no reason why you should juggle a handful of wedding vendors when all you need is one!

Don’t go it alone – rely on the expertise of the pros

When planning a last-minute wedding, you might feel like you’re completely alone. Many vendors plan their events months out in advance, leaving you left handling the catering, music and more.

But rest assured, many wedding vendors and companies go out of their way to work with couples scrambling to put together a last-minute wedding.

If you find yourself struggling as you plan your wedding, reach out to Planet DJ Productions to learn more about how we can help you along the way.