How to End Your D.C. Wedding on a High Note

When planning your wedding, you’ve likely spent endless hours going over every single detail…

    * Guest list
    * Location
    * Flowers, Decorations and Decor
    * Music/DJ
    * Lighting
    * Party Favors

Your DC wedding will be filled with lots of memorable moments, such as special dances, toasts, speeches, not to mention cake cutting, bouquet toss and anything else you decided to add to make your party unique.

But have you ever considered how you’d like your wedding to end? While so many parties and wedding receptions start off with a bang, in our experience far too many of them end with a fizzle.

But the ending is a pivotal part of the night. Think about how important the end of a movie is. If the movie ends badly, chances are you won’t recommend it to a friend. But weddings are a bit different – there is no second chance to go “watch it again.” You have to get it right the first time, or else you’ll be left wondering what if …

Ending your wedding with a bang!

As Washington D.C.’s most trusted name in wedding event planning, one of the best tips we can suggest to ensure your wedding reception ends on a high note is to prepare a “Last Dance” ahead of time. If possible, pick a song that’s upbeat. Your wedding DJ will then ask everyone to come out to the dance floor to celebrate the end of a wonderful night.

Once everyone is on the dance floor, a good idea is for the wedding DJ to gather the guests in a circle around the bride and groom. The new couple can then have the floor to themselves to dance, for a few seconds before the DJ will have everyone close in on them to hug them farewell.

Then, as the hugs settle down, the wedding DJ will say a few Thank You’s. This approach always leaves the guests wanting more.

Picking the right Last Dance song

Picking the right song is as much an art form as it is a science. The “right song” for one wedding might not work for a different wedding. A professional DJ will determine the mood of the party and the makeup of the guests in order to recommend the best way to end the night.

However, in our experience, there are a few Last Dance songs that work in nearly every setting. In fact, a few of these songs start off slow, then pick up in tempo (making it perfect for the bride and groom to dance along while their friends and family surround them).

    1. Last Dance by Donna Summer
    2. I’ve Had the Time of my Life (from Dirty Dancing) by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes
    3. The Time (The Dirty Bit) by Black Eyed Peas
    4. Don’t Stop Believing by Journey
    5. Save the Last Dance for Me by Michael Bublé

Don’t forget the grand sendoff

Your guests should never see the lights come on at the end of a party. They should never see the cleanup process begin. That’s why it’s important to organize a grand sendoff to get people out of the building in a fun and quick way.

The best way to do this, in our opinion, is with a Sparkler Sendoff. With this, your guests will line up in 2 perpendicular lines (like a tunnel). Everyone will have long sparklers and will hoot and holler as the bride and groom rush through the tunnel into an awaiting car. If sparklers aren’t allowed (due to the venue) then consider bubbles or rose petals.

The important thing to remember is you want to time this sendoff properly. Your wedding DJ in Washington DC will help you determine when people are beginning to head to the exits. Even if you have 45 minutes left in your contract with the venue, you may want to start the sendoff if guests are taking off.

Once your car is out of sight, guests will naturally begin to take off on their own, freeing up your venue for the cleanup process.

End your Washington DC on a high note with Planet DJ Productions

A truly successful wedding is one that starts and ends with a bang. Be sure your party is one that’ll never be forgotten – learn how Planet DJ Productions can help you leave your guests wanting more at the end of the night. Contact us today!