Bridging the Cultural Divide: How to Plan for a Fusion Wedding

Fusion (or multicultural/interfaith) weddings celebrate the diversity of the soon-to-be-married couple by blending aspects of each of their cultures or backgrounds into one event.

These types of weddings are on the rise, yet still couples with different cultural backgrounds face unique challenges as they plan their wedding.

Namely, how can they incorporate the most important elements of each culture, please everyone from both families, yet not outspend their budget?

We here at Planet DJ Productions specialize in fusion weddings throughout Virginia, Washington D.C. and the mid-Atlantic region. Over the years, we’ve helped organize countless multicultural ceremonies and have crafted the following tips designed to help you plan your own diverse event while avoiding all the stress and expenses.

First, it all starts with the venue

Many venues have predetermined packages that don’t allow for extensive “out of the box” ideas to be introduced. For example, many Indian weddings include open flames; however, the reception hall you’re looking to book might not allow these flames due to a fire code.

Other venues might have a specific time limit allowed for each ceremony, which might not work for certain cultural weddings that could surpass an hour.

Be clear with each prospective venue about the type of wedding you’re planning. Ask them if they envision any hindrances on their part while you plan the ceremony. A good idea is to know what you want for your celebration prior to finding your venue. That way, you can let these venues know what they can expect, so they can let you know if their rules prohibit your celebration in any way.

Be open with your families

Time and time again, what we see as the biggest stress factors for couples planning a fusion wedding is their fear of disappointing or upsetting their families.

We encourage you to keep your families involved in the wedding planning, without letting them take control.

From the onset, let them know that there’ll have to be compromises made and that you – the couple – will decide what’s included and what’s left out.

There’s no doubt your families will want to be heavily involved; however, what you don’t want is too many cooks in the kitchen.

One tip to consider is asking each family to come up with the top five elements they want included in the wedding (could be food, music, decorations, a ritual) and do your best to accommodate each of these requests.

Consider your guests

Your guests – from your family to friends – won’t likely know the proper etiquette for each (or either) cultural aspects.

Consider creating a space on your website or wedding program that details what each guest should expect from the wedding, and any special pieces of etiquette they should be made aware of.

Think about the music and décor

One of the most exciting aspects of a fusion wedding is all the choices you have in music and décor. Add decorative elements such as art, sculptures, and furniture to your space, and talk to your DJ or live music band about incorporating traditional music throughout the night.

A seasoned DJ will be able to meld music from both cultures seamlessly, to encourage guests to dance all night long.

When in doubt, hire a fusion wedding event planner

If you’re planning a fusion wedding, you might assume that you’re alone in your endeavor. But fusion weddings are extremely popular these days, so much so that event planners even specializing in them.

Take, for example, our team here at Planet DJ Productions. We specialize in many types of Fusion Weddings throughout the Metro DC area, including Indian/American weddings.

Fusion Wedding Planners understand the sensitivities involved with uniting two distinct cultures. These planners will work closely with you to ensure your vision is met tastefully and, of course, within budget.

Are you planning a fusion/multicultural wedding? Follow these tips above to minimize your stress level and consider reaching out to a seasoned fusion wedding planner like Planet DJ Productions.