Add Personality, Class and Character to Your Event with Lounge Furniture

Comfort is underrated and nearly always overlooked. At least that’s been our experience organizing some of the liveliest events in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland and beyond.

When planning and event (like a wedding, mitzvah, celebration or anything else) so much time and energy goes into other areas, such as:
The music. Perhaps you’re going with a DJ, or maybe a live band or performer
Entertainment. Depending on your event, you may consider hiring dancers, or MCs and a party motivator
Lighting, such as GOBO monograms

But furniture is seldom factored into the fray. Sure, people typically decide on how many tables and chairs they need for their event, but they rarely think about the types of chairs that they’ll have their guests sit in.But put yourself in the shoes of your guests. If you were going to spend any length of time sitting around (as is often the case, even at weddings), wouldn’t you want to be comfortable? Well, so do your guests.

How to use lounge furniture in your Metro DC event

When used correctly, lounge furniture should serve as a complimentary accent to your gathering. It certainly shouldn’t be an eye sore; it shouldn’t be a distraction.That’s why when we provide lounge furniture for the events we organize throughout Washington D.C., we talk at length with our clients about one thing:Location. Location. Location.The successful use of lounge furniture for your event is all based on location. Often times, we’d recommend the furniture be placed either in the cocktail area or in a section of the reception ballroom.

Here at Planet DJ Productions, we specialize in two types of lounge furniture for your event, including:

1. Leather – including white or back lounge furniture

2. LED light-up furniture (changes colors or can be set to one color)

Each of these options is designed to propel your event into an unforgettable evening. When paired with such additions as glow bars, pipe and draping, or our coveted Fusion Dance Floor, you can be certain that your special day will look nothing like any other event that’s ever been held.

How do I know which type of furniture to get for my event?

Choosing the right lounge furniture for your DC-area event will be based on a number of factors, including:
    * The size of your event space
    * The overall look/design of your event
    * Your expected audience
    * And more
That’s why we recommend that you work with Planet DJ Productions for your next event. We offer everything you need, from DJs to photo booths, meaning we’ll be able to customize your evening – and your lounge furniture – to your exact specifications.

What we don’t encourage you to do is wait until the last minute to seek out lounge furniture. You’ll likely be left with less-than-ideal options, and chances are your chosen furniture will clash with your existing mood.


A piece of comfortable furniture doesn’t just offer a relaxing place for your guests to sit; it makes a statement. It says that you’re capable of thinking beyond the conventional. It says that you’re ready to make this evening one that no one will soon forget.Learn more about how Planet DJ Productions can pair you up with your ideal lounge furniture for your big day, be it a wedding or party. Contact us today to learn more.