3 Types of Lighting to Make Your Event Memorable

Lights can make a moment. With the right type of lighting, for example, you can transform any empty room into a regal wedding hall. That’s why film directors shout out Lights, Camera, Action before filming their scenes. Lights are, in short, where the magic happens.

So when it comes to your wedding, corporate event, or any other type of celebration, what type of lighting should you choose? Of course that depends on many factors, including:

    * The impression you’re trying to make on your guests
    * The type of event you’re hosting
    * The restrictions of your space
    * Personal tastes

It’s ideal that you work with a D.C. area lighting specialist when choosing the right lighting for your event. Your specialist will be able to make suggestions based on your budget, tastes and more.

Even better would be to work with a company that provides all of your entertainment needs (lighting, music entertainment, etc.) because they’ll be able to create a consistent mood for your event.

While you have many options to choose from for your lighting, 3 of the most impactful styles are Uplighting, Pinspots, and Custom GOBO monograms.

The benefits of using uplighting for your wedding or other event

Uplighting is when you place an elegant beam of light against a wall or column. This lighting technique adds a layer of sophistication to any space. The way it works is that light fixtures are placed on the ground, facing the wall, column or virtually any other element of the room that you want illuminated (tables, displays, etc.). Uplighting can include a single color or can alternate throughout the night. With sophisticated technology, your lighting specialist can also make the colors change alongside the music being played at the time.

Why should I use uplighting for my event?

If you want a stunning look of elegance, then uplighting is your most effective option. Uplighting will enhance a room no matter what size or condition it’s in. This is ideal for weddings, but can be used for any event.

Pinspot lighting

Imagine being able to enhance and illuminate the centerpieces of your tables so that their beauty is put on display. It can happen with pinspotting. Pinspotting is an advanced light design that shines tiny light beams from the ceiling to a designated area (like your table’s centerpiece).

In our experience organizing events throughout the Washington DC area, we’ve seen pinspotting used for cake tables, buffets, floral arrangements, or anything that is deemed significant. But pinspotting is more than hanging a light from a ceiling. The lighting must be hidden perfectly in order for your desired effect to be achieved.

Pinspotting lights are versatile and come in an array of designs. They can be used if you don’t want your guests to endure harsh lighting, and they’re a great way to create a level of drama in a dark room with tiny light pools.

Pinspotting is also effective if you’re looking to hide certain architectural features of your space. By having the main light source focused on tables, for example, your guests won’t even notice that unsavory wall.

Lighting your event with custom GOBO monograms

A gobo is a lighted pattern that’s projected onto a wall or dance floor. Our custom GOBO monograms are a great way to repeat a design element or pattern from your invitation, or theme of your event. You can also choose to design any custom monogram that you wish. These custom GOBO monograms can be used throughout your event space. We’ve seen them used effectively on gift-giving tables, or on the center of a dance floor.

While custom GOBO monograms are popular among wedding events, they are just as effective in most other special occasions. Take, for example, a corporate event. Custom GOBO monograms of your logo can be created, thus helping to push your branding further.

With so many event lighting options, how do you know which to choose?

Event planning can be one of the most overwhelming tasks in your life. There are so many intricacies involved, from music to audio/visual needs and more. Making sure you have the right lighting is vital toward making your event memorable, which is why it’s best that you turn to a lighting expert in the Metro DC area.

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