3 Tips On How To Pick The Right DJ For Your D.C. Area Event

Choosing a DJ for your wedding, corporate event or other gathering is an important step in ensuring that your celebration is a success. DJ’s supply the soundtrack for the event, and heavily influence the type of energy felt by your guests.

These days, many people assume that picking the right DJ in the DC Metropolitan area is as simple as typing a few words into Google. But use that method with great caution. Any website can claim that a DJ is the best in the business. What your wedding or special event needs, however, is more than words. That’s why we encourage you to follow these 3 tips when choosing the right DJ for your D.C. Area event.

Tip #1: Go with what you know

We’ve all been to a wedding or other event where a DJ was present. These events are the best opportunity for you to scope out styles, personalities, and music that you’d like for your own special occasion.

Think back to all of the DJs you’ve seen in your life. Do any of them stand out? Why? Was it the music? Was is their personality? Do you just remember having the time of your life during that day? There is no better recommendation than your own.

Chances are you didn’t get the name of the DJ at the time of the event. But have no fear. You can either ask the host (if that’s possible) or contact the facility where the event took place.

As a backup alternative to this option, you can also ask your friends. The second best recommendation you can go with is one given to you by people you trust. Your friends likely have the same music and style tastes as you (or close enough). Ask them if they remember any DJs who stood out to them.

Tip #2: Ask the right questions

So now you’ve narrowed your DJ down to a select few from either your own past, or from the recommendations of your friends. It’s time to interview each DJ. The most important question you can ask your potential DJs isn’t how much they’d charge, but what kind of experience they have with an event similar to yours.

Here’s an opportunity for the DJ to talk about his or her own experience, and specific memories. Remember, DJs are entertainers, so you should be entertained by his or her responses. You should feel comfortable around this person, and, without question, the DJ should be able to grab and hold your attention.

Chances are you’ll be able to knock off a few potential DJs who just didn’t do it for you during your questioning. But for those who still remain, ask for references. A qualified DC-area DJ shouldn’t hesitate to give you the names of references who will speak on his or her behalf.

Tip #3: Go see them for yourself

Whether you’ve chosen a DJ you’ve seen before, or one from a recommendation, it’s vital that you see the DJ during an event before making a commitment. Yes, even if you’ve seen the DJ before, you should still ask to attend a current event, so that you can get a more representative view of what you should expect.

Don’t worry. This request is not out of the norm. DJs will ask the hosts of an event if it’s all right for you to stop by. Most people don’t have a problem with it, but the DJ will never (or should never) tell you it’s okay to come to an event, unless he or she has cleared it with the organizers.

When you’re at the event, take mental notes. What type of music does the DJ play? How good is he or she at playing requests? How entertaining is the DJ? Is there too much talking? Not enough lighting? Poor equipment? Compare this DJ to a handful of others that you go and see, and soon enough you’ll come away with your #1 choice.

Choosing a Washington D.C. DJ isn’t a last minute decision

As is pretty evident with the level of research and commitment outlined above, you shouldn’t start searching for a DJ a few weeks before your event. In the case of a wedding, for example, we recommend you find your DJ at least a year in advance. It also helps if your DJ can offer you more than music and entertainment (such as event lighting and videography services. This will minimize the number of vendors you have to interview and assess leading up to your big day.

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