DJ Viper

DJ Viper, had entertained for many events in his tenure at Planet DJ Productions, leaving lasting memories with many couples and clients alike. As one of most instrumental people in the company, he handled logistics, client meetings, events, and truly took to heart all the events he did as if they were his own. The company felt a huge loss when he passed away, but his energy, drive, dreams and ambition still live on in the company and in each of us.

Everyone at Planet DJ Productions will make it a mission to complete his dreams and grow the company to the depths that he saw and knew it would get to.

DJ Viper was one of our youngest and most talented DJ’s. He had been DJing for 5 years starting out DJing and MCing high school parties and dances and quickly moving through the ranks to do weddings, corporate events, bar and bat mitzvahs and the occasional club appearance.

DJ Viper’s youthful approach to the industry brought the energy and atmosphere that your event deserved and his experience helped keep him cool in a clutch.