Hema Mohan and Bryan Kelly

Wedding Reception at Baltimore Marriott Waterfront in Baltimore, Maryland

Ateet and his crew are the absolute best. the BEST. Not only did Ateet make last minute adjustments for us (moving people and equipment at the last minute) – they were also AWESOME. Jordan and Kabir had the party going so much that we all stayed for an extra hour. The music was perfect, the lights were perfect. Below, the exact text of the email I send Ateet after our dream wedding:

“Hi Ateet, First of all THANK YOU – everything your team did was just perfect – from the towers, to the music, to Kabir’s party motivation (soooo motivating!!!) you guys really made this the best party of our lives!!!

Anyway, everything was amazing- we’re working on writing the best yelp reviews ever!

Thanks again for a dream wedding : )”

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