Your wedding is about more than just the images. It’s about the sounds as well. It’s about the speeches made in your honor, the music played, the confessionals your friends and family give to you. More than just photographs, wedding videography allows you to cherish your special day in its fullest form.

At Planet DJ Productions, our team of wedding and events videographers can provide you with a fully enhanced video recording of your day that helps you relive the sights and sounds you never want to forget.

Videography for other events

While wedding videography is becoming a standard these days, we’ve noticed our videography services requested for other events as well, including:

Our event videographers have the skills, equipment and expertise to handle any type of event or celebration. We ensure that your event’s audio and video recordings are professionally captured and delivered in a format of your choice.

Many of our wedding and celebration clients have used DVDs as a party favor to provide to their guests, while corporate events often use DVDs and video recordings as a learning tool. Whatever the reason for your video, Planet DJ Productions will make sure your final video is of the highest quality. And, beyond recording these events, our videographers can also provide you with a customized printing of the video.

Customized wedding and events videography services for your needs

We have the ability to shoot events with single or multi-camera angles. And, because all of our editing is done in-house, by a professional editor, you can rest assured that the end result is a fully edited DVD customized to your specific tastes.

Prior to your wedding or event, our videography team will meet with you to go over any questions or concerns you have. We’ll then agree on the best approach and package to meet your needs. During the event, our team is trained to capture every moment possible without being intrusive or noticeable.

We’re certain you’ll discover that capturing your wedding, event, or celebration, with our state-of-the-art videography services will provide you a record and memento that you’ll be proud to share with others.