Monishi Chakrabarti and Tanner Opalinski

Wedding at Omni William Penn in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“We booked Monica to DJ at our wedding and Ram as our dhol player. Both were amazing to work with and completely surpassed expectations. Monica gathered our eclectic music taste and put together an amazing set for the night – our dance floor was crowded and energized for the entire two hours of dancing!! She perfectly blended in some Indian songs with modern and made sure guests across the board had a good time. She also gracefully dealt with some of our drunker guests not leaving her alone about certain song requests. And Ram really got the party started in the morning for my husband’s barat. His energy was infectious and we got the most amazing videos of our guests dancing and getting pumped for the day. He then continued to play and accompany through the reception as well. He even started a mini-flash mob for one song. It was unbelievable and our guests loved it. Would highly recommend Planet DJ, especially if you are having a blended wedding and are hoping to cater to many music tastes.”