White Dance Floor Rentals for Weddings near MD & DC


When you think about entertainment for your event, what comes to mind? Most likely, atop the list, is the music. But there’s so much more involved with your entertainment.

As the premiere entertainment company in the Metro DC area, we get that, which is why we offer a full entertainment service experience including:

Wait, what? Furniture and decor? Absolutely. Furniture and décor play a large part in your entertainment. Just like lighting complements the mood of your event, so does the furniture and décor you choose.

At Planet DJ Productions, we can offer you our design expertise to help you create the look and feel you want for your event. Are you looking for an ethnic ambiance, or perhaps a beach or urban theme? Our experts can help you create the world you want for your event, including suggesting (and offering) certain style tables, couches, lounges, bars, linens, and more. Our most popular furniture and decor offerings include:

  • The Fusion Dance Floor – The Fusion Dance Floor is a see-through white acrylic dance floor with sparkles and a holographic effect built into it. When lights hit our fusion floor, a light and rainbow effect bounces back, creating an exciting and unique effect not possible with traditional wood or white dance floors.
  • Pipe/Draping – Pipe and draping not only adds a level of elegance and beauty to a room, but it can also disguise certain areas of your venue, provide a splash of color for locations such as a head table or DJ setup, and can complement the overall theme of your event. We provide pipe and draping setups for all types of rooms and environments.
  • Glow Bars – Glow bars add a cool, urban elegance to your party room atmosphere. Our set-up pros know how to adjust the room lighting to maximize the glow bar effect. Various light colors are available.

Your event should be a memorable one. Most people understand the importance of music for an event, but the majority of people fail to consider the importance of décor. Through our years of experience in entertainment, we’ve discovered what makes an event truly special. We want to use your expertise to help you create the one-of-a-kind day.

Allow us to sit down with you to discuss your potential furniture and décor options. From just adding a little flair to your bar, to completely transforming your space, we have the expertise, imagination, and enthusiasm to make it happen. Let us show you what we can do for you.