DJ Toby

DJ Toby is not merely an event DJ — he is an engaging and dynamic entertainer!

Ever since he was a child, he has had a passion for music and sound systems. Building hi-fi stereo systems and electronic devices from scratch, he truly developed an appreciation of the science of audio and hi-fi. DJ Toby grew to love and understand many different genres of music.

DJ Toby has a rare blend of North, East and South Indian cultures that really differentiates him from the pack. He was born in a south Indian family and raised in the northeastern region of India in the multicultural steel city – Jamshedpur. After college education in Chennai and Bangalore, he moved to the US in 1991 and lived in Florida, Arizona and California before settling down in Ashburn, a DC suburb. In his 11-year career with Cruise ships where he managed Nightclubs, Lounges, bar operations and destination weddings, he traveled to many countries and learned a lot about music and cultures.

His multicultural background enhances his ability to give a professional and authentic performance at any event. He has a unique flair for people and cultures and fluently converses in eleven languages including Hindi, Spanish, Jamaican, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali and Urdu!

DJ Toby has an immense passion for music and even hosted his own show on a leading South Asian radio station. DJ Toby stands out in the industry not only in his choice of music, but in the way he delivers it. With long flowing mixes that seamlessly blend one track into another, DJ Toby has the ability to take control of the dance floor and energize the crowd. His gift for reading his audience combined with his vast artistic and cultural background means that he is always a step ahead of the game. He is an expert at blending songs from various genres, languages, and cultures and always keeps the dance floor invigorated. He also knows exactly when to use the microphone to invoke excitement, while never distracting the party!

DJ Toby’s passion for audio gear and music is an unmistakable part of his professional package. Known in artistic circles as the go-to man for top-notch gear, he is proud to offer state of the art sound systems from the industry’s top brands. Because of his commitment to pulling off the best event possible, he always brings back up equipment including speakers, microphones, and computers.

DJ Toby isn’t just known for the great sound he delivers and his masterful control of his gear— his immaculate dress sense and extroverted personality are part of the package as well!
Whether he is working a corporate event, a wedding, a Bollywood themed party, a sweet 16, or any type of event, he brings the added flare and professionalism that have made him one of the most in-demand and booked desi entertainers in the DC Metro.