What Your Wedding or Big Event Could Look Like Without a Professional DJ

Planning a wedding, or any huge event, is a huge expense. Even the smallest parties tend to add up:

     – Renting a hall
     – The food
     – Decorations/linens
     – Hiring a photographer, and perhaps a videographer!

Before you know it, you’ve spent thousands of dollars, which is why most couples and party organizers look for ways to cut costs. Some folks initially ponder the idea of using an iPhone or MP3 player to replace the cost of a DJ. But most quickly realize that a wedding or event without a DJ is like a baseball game without an umpire: something is bound to go wrong if no one’s at the helm, keeping the night in order.

So, cost-cutting couples turn to what they think is the best alternative: finding a non-professional to act as their DJ.

Nothing could go wrong with that choice, right?

Wrong. Here are 4 things that can go wrong at your wedding or event without a professional DJ

1) Big moments aren’t captured on film

Photographers and videographers play a huge role in your event. Without them, your big day won’t be memorialized for eternity. Imagine how devastated the parents of the bride would be if, for example, the first dance isn’t photographed! Or the cutting of the cake? The bouquet toss? If you’re planning a corporate event, imagine how upset the boss would be if the big ribbon-cutting moment didn’t get photographed!

You may think that your photographer and videographer are the ones responsible for getting to these moments on time. But your DJ plays a much bigger role.

An amateur wedding or event DJ might be playing a song that has the whole room grooving. Great! But then he decides it’s time to play that First Dance song, without making a formal announcement. He didn’t ask the guests to sit down, so now the couple has to share their “First Dance” with everyone else.

Worse yet, the photographer took this moment to photograph aspects of the space (table settings, decorations, etc.). Without that formal announcement, he has no idea the First Dance is happening, until a very angry Father of the Bride taps on his shoulder, asking why he’s missing out on this moment.

Now he has to fight through the crowd to get to the happy couple. Too bad he missed the first half of the song!

2) The dance floor looks more like an empty space

Every family has those selected few people who’ll dance at anything, no matter what. Most people, however, need a little encouragement to get up and groove.

Your nonprofessional DJ, however, has no idea how to get these folks onto their feet. Playing music, alone, isn’t enough. Some guests need a bit more, such as a dance game or even a dance lesson, to bring them to the dance floor.

Nonprofessional DJs will either ignore these wallflowers, or be a bit too aggressive when encouraging them to dance. Saying, “Hey, come join the party!” to the groom’s grandmother isn’t going to cut it. The goal of a DJ isn’t to make anyone feel targeted or uncomfortable.

3) The music gets a bit off-track

Many DJs, even professionals, take requests from guests. This is a great way to get people involved and excited about the music.

But these requests can turn a good time into a socially awkward experiment, fast.

We don’t have to tell you that grandparents, for example, likely listen to different music than teenagers. When your younger brother and his date request a song by Iggy Azalea, that doesn’t mean the DJ should play that song. Not only might the song go against your theme, but Aunt Betty might not be too happy about Iggy’s colorful vocabulary.

Many of our couples come to us with a specific theme for their music. A professional event or wedding DJ will use that theme to craft an entire playlist. When guests make requests, the DJ will be able to know, right away, whether that request fits the mood and theme of the party.

4) The day the music died …

A lot of equipment is involved in DJ’ing. Speakers. Computers. Turntables. Mixing boards. Lighting. With all that equipment, there’s no way anything would malfunction …

Yeah right.

Equipment failures happen all the time. The gifted DJ knows how to ride the wave. Your amateur DJ, on the other hand, will stand there like a deer in the headlights when either the music dies down or an annoying, somewhat painful buzzing noise accompanies that Frank Sinatra song Grandpa Joe has been waiting to hear.

Some equipment failures require quick fixes. Others, like a computer malfunction, could be far more severe. We’re guessing your amateur DJ doesn’t have a backup plan if he can’t use his laptop, right?

Oh well. A singalong fest could make for an entertaining reception! Too bad you didn’t hire a professional DJ; they have backup plans for their backup plans. In other words, even if everything went wrong during your wedding reception or event, your professional DJ would likely still be able to get folks dancing.

Looking to have a stress-free, entertaining wedding or event in Virginia, Maryland or Washington DC?

We understand the allure of getting a nonprofessional DJ for your party, but in our experience hosting weddings and other events throughout the region, we’ve heard our fair share of horror stories from folks who’ve gone this route.

Whether you’re planning a wedding or other formal event, this is likely one of the biggest parties you’ll ever throw in your entire life. Don’t take chances by cutting costs with your DJ.

A gifted DJ does more than just play music. He or she motivates your guests to get in the party mood; he or she makes sure every moment is captured on film.

Think of your wedding or event like a great big wheel, with many spokes. At the center of it all is your DJ, making sure that big wheel keeps rolling.

Learn more about how Planet DJ Productions can help your party roll on without a hitch. Contact us today to learn more.