3 Ways to Add a Little Extra Life and Fun to Your Reception

When everything about your reception is going well, the room can seem to take on a life of its own. People of all ages and backgrounds dance, laugh, eat and drink, all while enjoying one another’s company in true style and fashion.

But more often than not, your reception could use a little help getting the party started on the right foot. That’s where an experienced event planner in Washington D.C., like Planet DJ Productions, can help. We know how to throw some of the most memorable parties in the mid-Atlantic region – from weddings to cultural celebrations – and we’re ready to share our expertise with you. Here are 3 ways to add a little extra life and fun into your upcoming reception.

If You Build It, They Will Come: The Dance Floor

If your reception is intended to be a party, what better way to get people moving than to have a dance floor. Depending on the space you’ve rented, you may or may not have a dance floor in place.

If you don’t have a dance floor, you can easily rent one from party organizers like Planet DJ Productions. But even if your hall has a dedicated space for dancing, you might be surprised at the types of floors you can rent to add a little extra flair to your event. Consider renting:

    * A white dance floor for elegance and class
    * A checkered dance floor for that timeless look
    * A parquet dance floor for comfort and performance
    * Or you can also adapt the size of your dance floor based on the number of guests you expect

You can’t expect your guests to dance if they have no place to shuffle their feet. Make getting a dance floor become an integral part of your party-planning to-do list.

Glow sticks are cool. Glow-Bars may be cooler.

Through our experience as Metro DC’s leading party planners, we’ve discovered how integral lighting is to instilling a bit of magic into a reception hall. That’s why we think that Glow-Bars can become a great addition to your party.

Glow-Bars (and Glow-Tables, Glow-Centerpieces and more) add a touch of class and allure to any space. You can even choose the color of your Glow-Bar (to match your color scheme) or go with a Glow-Bar that changes color.

Photo Shoots and Dress Up – The Photo Booth

It’s a guarantee that most people will have access to their own cameras at your reception (thanks to the smartphone!). So why then would you want to rent a photo booth? Because photo booths add a little bit of nostalgia to your party.

There’s something special about being able to pack your friends into a small booth, make silly faces, and get an actual photograph you can hold to cherish the moment forever. And better yet, why not add a few costumes and party gags to the mix? Funny glasses, wigs and more can make each photo booth session as fun as the time spent on the dance floor.

Get more ideas on how to liven up your upcoming reception in Washington D.C.

Here at Planet DJ Productions, we know what it takes to get your party started right. Our team of party motivators, DJs, light/sound engineers and more work hard to turn your reception into a day or night to remember.

Beyond the three tips outlined above, we have a host of ideas we think will help you organize the party of the year. Want to learn more about how we can help you and your guests have the time of your life?

Then contact us today!

Destination Wedding Planning in Washington D.C. – Your Guide

When your goal is to create a wedding experience that’s unique and adventurous, few things compare to a destination wedding. Imagine combining both a vacation and the biggest day of your life all into one. Sounds amazing, right?

So why don’t more couples choose a destination wedding for their ceremony? It usually comes down to two fears and misconceptions:

1) Destination weddings are really expensive.
2) Planning a wedding in some far off place is stressful and not worth the hassle.

We here at Planet DJ Productions have a unique experience planning destination weddings for clients throughout the DC Metro area. With our experience we’ve discovered that these fears people have involving planning a wedding far from home are typically unfounded. Here’s what we mean.

It might not cost more to have a destination wedding

The most prevalent fear that keeps folks from planning the wedding of their dreams is the cost. But time and time again we discover that many of our clients spend less on a destination wedding than they would at a traditional, at-home wedding. Why is this?

This is for a number of reasons. Firstly, if you plan your wedding somewhere in the Caribbean, for example, your guest list will likely shrink in size.

Secondly, many resorts in such tropical locations as Cancun, Puerto Rico and Riviera Maya offer unique, cost-savings packages for wedding parties. With our experience planning weddings in warmer climates, we know how to find these budget-friendly destinations for our clients. In fact, we have working relationships with many resorts (and vendors); these relationships typically translate into savings for our clients.

Thirdly, we tend to see many couples plan a wedding for the same location as their honeymoon. In essence, you’re combining two big events into one, saving you money and time (your honeymoon can start the minute you say “I do”).

Destination weddings don’t have to be stressful at all

We’ve heard people say they assume planning a destination wedding must be like walking around blindfolded. You have to choose your venue, caterer, vendors and more without actually getting to meet the people who’ll be offering these services.

Wedding planning is stressful enough when your wedding will be in the same town where you live. Imagine if your ceremony will be thousands of miles away. Of course it makes sense that this distance would cause added stress in the months leading up to your wedding.

Except, it doesn’t have to.

Firstly, you’ll discover that certain resorts and venues are well equipped to work remotely with couples. Secondly, when you work with Planet DJ Productions, you’ll never have to worry about the entertainment and music. Whether you choose a DJ, live band, MCs/party motivators, dancers, or, all of the above, you can rest assured that we’ll do everything we can to make this destination wedding planning stress free for you.

In fact, because we have so much experience with destination weddings, we’ll work with you in ensuring all other aspects of your ceremony (from catering to photography, lighting, venue location and more) are taken care of.

Your destination wedding can be your home away from home

One of the concerns couples have when it comes to destination weddings is that their big day won’t feel as intimate or family-oriented as a traditional wedding would. But on the contrary, destination weddings tend to become a more intimate affair, because chances are your only guests will be your closest friends and family.

And with Planet DJ Productions in your corner, we’ll make sure we add every personal touch possible to make your destination wedding everything you have ever dreamed it would be.

Let us help you plan and execute your dream destination wedding

While Planet DJ Productions is well known throughout the D.C. area for providing unmatched entertainment services, we also have a team of dedicated wedding planners with a specialization in destination weddings. Let us help you line up vendors, schedule travel arrangements, and prepare for your honeymoon. All you have to do is show up on the big day.

Remember, your dream wedding doesn’t have to cost a ton of money; it doesn’t have to be the source of unneeded stress. Contact Planet DJ Productions today to learn how we can help you turn your dream destination wedding into a reality. ­

Fusion Wedding Specialists in the Washington D.C. Area

At Planet DJ Productions, we’re proud of the many cultures and backgrounds that make up the DJ, musicians, and entertainers on our team. Our differences are what help us deliver a truly unique experience for our clients.

That’s why we’re so honored when we get the chance to celebrate the coming together of not only two lives – but two cultures – in what’s become known as fusion weddings.

Remember, your guests know you really well

A fusion wedding is when you combine widely differing ethnic or regional cultures, styles, techniques and ingredients. This melding of many backgrounds can often result in the most memorable time of your life; however, it can be challenging to pull it off successfully.

Consider this: when you have two distinct cultures to factor in, you have to make sure you honor and recognize both cultures (and families) equally, while still holding onto the most important element of the day: the bride and groom.

Many wedding entertainers and planners simply don’t have the experience nor skill to pull off a complex event such as this.

But we do.

Fusion weddings delivered by fusion entertainers

Because of our diverse cultural backgrounds, the Planet DJ team understands the importance of honoring families and traditions. But, with our experience as D.C.’s most treasured event entertainers, we also know what it takes to make a wedding a resounding success.

We combine these elements to produce a personal, culturally rich day that leaves everyone in attendance feeling like they’ve just witnessed a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

How to plan for your fusion wedding – it starts with the sounds

As Washington D.C.’s leader in fusion wedding entertainment, we’ve been able to perfect the process of what it takes to successfully honor and celebrate two cultures in one setting.

It just so happens that music is a vital component of most cultures, and a fun way to recognize unique traditions. That’s why it’s absolutely vital that one of the first steps you should take when planning your fusion wedding is to find a reliable DJ (or entertainment organizer) with clear experience hosting these unique celebrations.

When you finally do settle on a wedding DJ, we encourage you to be honest about the complexities of joining two cultures under one roof. We suggest that you and your partner come up with two distinct lists that include all of the elements of your cultures you’d like to see featured during your wedding, beyond just the music. Examples could be:

    * Types of food
    * Certain colors
    * Specific types of music, or even specific songs
    * Decorations
    * Traditional wedding elements unique to your culture
    * Types of wardrobes
    * And much more

You don’t have to overthink this part. Simply come up with a list of ideas (ask your families for advice!). Your DJ or wedding party planner will help you turn those ideas into a viable wedding celebration.

We’d also encourage you to talk to your DJ about the benefits of an MC or party motivator. While wedding DJs can be both music manager and entertainer, fusion weddings require a bit more focus and attention to ensure everyone’s included and having a good time.

An MC or party motivator is focused on walking through the crowd and engaging with guests in a way that a DJ simply cannot do. This MC/party motivator will work in tandem with your DJ. For example, guests might offer up song ideas to the MC, who can then bring those requests to the DJ.

Celebrate this beautiful merger of two cultures – Planet DJ can help

No matter the type of wedding, witnessing the merger of two lives is something we’ll never take for granted. But there’s something particularly personal and special to us about taking part in fusion weddings that we struggle to put into words.

It’s simply breathtaking and emotional to watch two cultures find their footing as one united family. We strive to help make this merger one you’ll remember for the rest of your lives, and we’d be blessed and honored to be a part of your special day.

Contact us today to learn more about our fusion wedding entertainment and planning.